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Network Construction: Beyond “Eastern Data and Western Computing”

2022-05-13CloudConnectivityData CentersInformation Security

In face of “Eastern Data and Western Computing”, it is high time to figure out how to realize the interconnection between data centers in various locations


Network Construction: Beyond “Eastern Data and Western Computing”

2022-05-13 CloudConnectivityData CentersInformation Security

In face of “Eastern Data and Western Computing”, it is high time to figure out how to realize the interconnection between data centers in various locations


Global luxury beauty group partners with CITIC Telecom CPC undergo digital transformation

2022-03-18 CloudConnectivityCustomer ExperienceData CentersInformation SecurityTransformation

As digitalization becomes the new normal across all industries especially during a time when staying at home is encouraged, beauty is no exception. For nearly a decade, CITIC Teleco…


“Eastern Data and Western Computing” is in Full Swing

2022-03-04 CloudConnectivityData CentersInformation SecurityTransformation

Subsequent to the projects of “South–North Water Transfer”, “West–East Gas Pipeline” and “West–East Electricity Transmission”, one can expect a whole new national initiativ…


Bridging Virtuality and Reality to Meet the Rise of Metaverse

2022-02-18 CloudConnectivityData CentersInformation Security

A time of crisis indeed opens up rare opportunities, and the pandemic has set the stage to enter the metaverse era. In the early days of the pandemic, many enterprises addressed the…


Syntax Unravels Challenges with an Innovative One-stop Solution

2022-01-21 CloudConnectivityCustomer ExperienceData Centers

An increasing number of enterprises is taking advantage of IT technologies to optimize their products and services, considering its rapid development and prevalence of mobile connec…


Effective Disaster Recovery Plan – Instant Response to Data Center Outage

2021-03-31 CloudData CentersInformation Security

A prominent data center service provider in Europe disclosed that one of its key bases of data centers in France was suspended due to a severe fire disaster. It is estimated that ab…


How to Maintain Your Business Continuity during Disease Outbreaks?

2020-02-14 ConnectivityData CentersInformation Security

Extreme events such as disease outbreaks and natural disasters happen frequently in recent years. In this globalized economy, corporates suffer from these extreme events and their b…


CITIC Telecom CPC Facilitates Enterprises' Digital Globalization with its

2019-07-19 AIBig DataCloudConnectivityData CentersData PrivacyInformation SecurityInnovationSD-WANTransformation

In the era of globalization, new economic models continue to emerge. Smart technologies are reinforcing enterprises innovation, and digital transformation is crucial for the success…


Why is Estonia a startup paradise

2019-03-27 Data CentersInnovationOBOR

Estonia is a startup paradise. It has the highest rates of startups per capita in Europe – one for every 3100 citizens. The Estonians are entrepreneurial and innovative, while the …


CITIC Telecom CPC OBOR Data Centers

2019-03-25 Data CentersOBORTransformation

The developments along "One Belt One Road" and the Greater Bay Area have brought huge business opportunities to the market. In order to grasp the golden opportunity, enterprises nee…


The digitized future: How libraries are pioneering a cultural transformation

2019-02-15 Data CentersOBOR

Faced with the strong impact of information technology, all the information may find on the Internet. Libraries need to transform their old positioning and services to meet the chal…

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