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Earned Cloud Excellence Awards 2017: Cloud Company of the Year

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One-stop cloud elite

CITIC Telecom CPC exemplifies the highly valued flexibility enabled by an all-encompassing cloud infrastructure 

The provision of an all-encompassing IT infrastructure and the ability to respond quickly to its customer’s changing business needs earned CITIC Telecom CPC the grand prize of the Cloud Excellence Awards 2017: Cloud Company of the Year. 

“Each year we invest in technology research and service development to maintain our competitive advantages in the market,” said CITIC Telecom CPC’s Senior Vice President of IT and Security Services Daniel Kwong. Such R&D efforts include new technology trend and research, optimization of cloud orchestration and automation process, and utilization of DevOps to enable the fast rollout of cloud services.

Integrated infrastructure and cloud services

“A single cloud solution is not enough to capture the market potential and fulfill enterprises’ requirements,” Kwong said. 

CITIC Telecom CPC’s flagship solutions include managed information security, on-demand cloud computing, global networking, data center services, plus other productivity enhancing products. The completeness of ICT offerings makes it one of the company’s key differentiators with other cloud service providers, Kwong said. 

CITIC Telecom CPC leverages its global infrastructure to support its cloud service delivery. It comprises over 160 points of presence regionally and internationally, 15+ cloud service centers, 30+ data centers, and two dedicated Security Operations Centers, which are staffed 24/7 with network and security professionals.

The cloud service provider’s key strength lies in its strive for excellence in people, process, technology, coverage and customer value creation. For example, CITIC Telecom CPC’s highly skilled IT staff is certified in information security, cloud technology and ITIL best practices with its backend infrastructures are also ISO certified.

Highly flexible solution

In its award-winning cloud DR and backup project implemented for financial services trader KVB Kunlun (see page 22), CITIC Telecom CPC exemplified rapid response to a customer’s needs by providing a highly flexible cloud solution. 

Given the client’s business nature, KVB Kunlun needed to fast provision new services, while maintaining the flexibility to expand its services offerings within short time spans between three and nine months.

“KVB Kunlun wanted to subscribe for a minimum amount of computing resources initially, with the option to rapidly scale up and down resources according to business needs, while achieving cost savings,” said Senior Manager of Cloud and Security Services, CITIC Telecom CPC Danny Tang. 

“Our solution therefore needed to be highly flexible, capable of evolving from time to time. This project was implemented in phases according to the user’s needs,” he said. “We first deployed the SmartCLOUD Compute and onsite backup services, which met the fundamental solution requirements. After few months, we deployed the enhanced services and set up new point of presence with full offsite backup functions.”

While CITIC Telecom CPC keeps on extending its cloud services portfolio, it is also optimizing the services with more value-added service. “With the constant amplification of the portfolio, we strive to become a comprehensive ICT solutions provider that always aim at achieving excellence, meeting the fastchanging needs of enterprises” Kwong concluded. 

A single cloud solution is not enough to capture the market potential and fulfill enterprises’ requirements – Daniel Kwong, CITIC Telecom CPC

CITIC Telecom CPC’s Kwong: Each year we invest in R&D to maintain our competitive advantage in the market

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