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Business Video Conferencing Solution | Enterprise Cloud-based VC

Benefits of Video Conferencing in Business

Clear communication between all the levels of an organization is one of the most significant constituents of a smooth business environment. Speaking to an employee visually helps in emulating the desired in-person communication which is absent in a telephonic conversation. Video conferencing helps in refining the quality of communication. There are reports which prove how businesses that use video calls have experienced improvement in teamwork, increased their work productivity and also amplified their financial savings in different ways.

Here are some ways in which the technology of video conferencing can be quite useful to businesses:

1. Holding Meetings with People across the Globe

Companies these days operate internationally with branches and offices spread in different countries. It is always wise to have a video conferencing done with the branches to communicate with the person in charge of the office instead of bearing their travel expenses which could be excruciating especially when it is international. It also gives an opportunity to connect with employees of all levels working in a different location and to understand their needs if any. Video conferencing lets you connect to more than one location or person at one go. This helps in eliminating the communication gap leading to a better work environment and a strong group of working employees in an organization.

2. Always Stay Connected with Mobile Employees: Collaboration

Employees work in different regions and operate outside the base location. Face-to-face conversation has a certain impact on far-off employees which is possible through video conferencing. All mobile employees can be made to work with proper instructions through this technology. Video conferencing creates the bond which is needed to be established between an employer and the employee irrespective of the distance between the two. This helps in better employee management leading to enhanced productivity of the company.

3. Saves Costs and Time

The technology of video conferencing undoubtedly saves both time and cost to the business. Flights and hotels together make up a huge part of travel expenses especially when you have clients overseas. However, it is also important to have frontal meetings particularly when the discussion is an important one as telephonic conversations may not be enough to close a deal or conclude a decision as it sort of lacks the personal touch. However, traveling international costs you both time and money. Video conferencing, on the other hand, eases you from all these afflictions. It lets you have a face-to-face discussion, giving you the feeling of sitting in front of each other to discuss matters of importance with clients anywhere in the world. Video conferencing basically accomplishes the task without you having to compromise with the quality of communication.

4. Growth in Output and Efficiency

Boosting the morale of employees by talking to them personally helps in increasing their work efficiency. Participants that are part of video conferencing are more alert and focused on the on-going discussion which helps in proper and accurate job execution thereby leading to growth in the output. Audio calls are not as effective as video conferencing because one cannot actually see the situation of the person taking the necessary orders. Video conferencing helps the employees to work in sync with the instructions or guidelines set by the employer.


Video conferencing is highly advantageous and a collaborating tool for businesses both big and small. It helps in eliminating the gap between the employer and the employees which is one of the biggest causes of employee dissatisfaction. There are immense benefits of this technology and all business owners and corporations should include it in their system. It will make communication between the employer and employees smooth and hassle-free.

SmartCLOUD™ VC service is the regional Cloud-based managed video conferencing solution that offers high quality and multimedia integration at your fingertips. With no upfront payments or expensive equipment, telepresence-quality multi-point video conferencing can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

Extending your meeting from conference room to personal devices. Internal or external meetings, discussions, trainings, product demonstrations and presentations are now easier and more accessible around the globe. Whether you are at your desktop, in a conference room, or on the road with your laptop, smartphone or tablet, traveling costs are reduced and productivity is increased with SmartCLOUD™ VC.

Connect to Advantages

Whether it's a meeting, discussion, demonstration or presentation, SmartCLOUD™ VC service has what you need. Discover:

  • Savings on time and money
  • Versatility in meeting set-up
  • Greater productivity and efficiency
  • Mobile conferencing made easier

Unified Video Collaboration for Enterprise (VC) Solutions Diagram


    • VC-as-a-Service - Regional Cloud-based VC Service
    • Conference room to desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone video conferencing, giving you the flexibility of meeting anytime, anywhere
    • NO CAPEX or upfront payment
    • 24 x 7 reservation-less multi-point video conferencing
    • ITU H.264/SVC standard for crystal clear HD-ready pictures
    • Easy-to-use User Interface and Contact Directory enables participants in multi-point conferences
    • Web-based service portal lets users to fully manage their VC
    • 24 x 7 monitoring and hotline support

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Our private network and efficient cloud services enable GIA-JIU ENTERPRISE to perform centralized management and real-time control of operation status of its global information systems, thereby helping it to improve its competitiveness in the global market.


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