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Why is Business Broadband Best for Your Company?

Internet access has become essential for almost all businesses, especially the ones who have an established digital platform. The Internet can help you connect to the world and also grow your business to undeniable boundaries. Even if you think that your company has no benefit, still there are enough reasons to get online. And once you get online, having business broadband is the ideal choice for a successful business opportunity.

In this article, we will mostly focus on some of the reasons why you need to consider business broadband for your company.

Faster Connection Speeds

Unlike using personal internet portal, businesses do need faster internet connection speed for various uploading, downloading, and other applications usages. Business broadband offers you much better connection ratios when compared to general consumer products. This specific broadband also provides you features and services that are not available to regular users like symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL), which means you get similar up and down the speed.

Some service providers may also offer you an upgraded version of SDSL, i.e., the ultra-fast fiber-optic broadband. It provides better performances in all grounds when compared to the older technique of SDSL with significantly high uploading and downloading speeds. A fiber optic broadband offers enough bandwidth for a number of employees accessing it all at a time. And so, helps in increasing productivity.

Better for Uploading Tasks

Businesses have different needs when compared to home users, especially when it comes to uploading speeds, which is essential for transferring large files. Fiber/copper broadband offers better uploads supporting around 10mbps to 100mbps. A speed as good as this will helps in transferring a large file in a matter of few seconds. This comes handy when most of the work is done digitally over the internal as well as external servers.

Supports Working from Home

In today’s world, some of the companies do offer work from home option to their employees. Many companies support this function by offering a secure VPN line for work from home, which allows the employees to remotely access the official network while maintaining security. However, the VPN connection needs a good up and down speed for working properly, which business broadband will offer. Therefore, opting this service will increase the productivity of the employees even while working from their own space using the company’s server.

Supports Sharing Connection with Employees

These days, accessing the internet or Wi-Fi has become like a second nature of all the places. But if your connection is crawling, then it is because of the number of users accessing it all at a time. Each time you add a new employee to the connection, it will add the pressure on the connection line making it slower even further on regular broadband. This is where you need to upgrade it to business broadband as it provides you enough bandwidth to share the connection line with all of your employees without thinking about the slowing speed.

Better Customer Support

People normally deal with technical problems while accessing the connection. With business broadband, you get dedicated customer support for all the queries or problems and quick turnaround solutions.

These are some of the benefits you can reap by upgrading to business broadband. So, get it today itself by contacting us. Some of the important reasons why you should upgrade to our services are –

High quality and cost-effective broadband solution.

Reliable high-speed connection and symmetrical bandwidth with speeds from 10Mbps to 100Mbps.

24/7 customer support to solve all the technical queries or problems.

Web-based internet traffic portal to check the bandwidth utilization.

Fast and symmetric IP connection with fixed IP addresses, providing IPv4 and IPv6 options.

  • A quality and cost-effective Internet solution for office communications, Internet browsing and efficient transfer of files, in which all are essential in today's business operations.
  • Reliable high-speed connection that uses fiber/copper broadband with local loop circuit connection to Internet; support 10Mbps to 100Mbps symmetrical bandwidth.
  • With truly local loop circuit diversifies options to enhance service reliability.
  • With a Web-based Internet traffic portal to analyze your bandwidth utilization.
  • Optional Public IPv4 address and managed router rental.

Internet Service Overview Diagram

Business Broadband Solutions Diagram


    • Round-the-clock network monitoring to ensure network performance
    • 7x24 telephone and email consultation for technical solution
    • Fast, symmetric IP connection with fixed IP addresses

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