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Enterprise Information Security: Safeguard Your Business with Managed Security

Information Security

Cyberattacks caused catastrophic damages to a growing number of businesses globally in recent years. There are several common types of cyberattacks that enterprises should know in advance to protect themselves from cyber criminals.

Zero-day attack is a common cyberattack that is usually launched after a network vulnerability is found but a patch or solution is not yet implemented. Hackers make use of the exposed vulnerability during the window of time and threaten business operations.

Apart from zero-day attack, malware is also a common type of cyberattacks. Malware includes spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms. Typically, victims get infected by clicking on suspicious links, downloading email attachments or installing malicious software. Malware can block access to key components of the network or covertly obtain information by transmitting data from the hard drive.

Integrate SIEM and SOAR to Maximize Cybersecurity Protection

To prevent unknown advanced cyberattacks, enterprises should consider adopting security information and event management (SIEM), and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions.

Enterprise Information Security: Safeguard Your Business with Managed Security

. SIEM – Analytics-driven Security Monitoring: SIEM collects log and event data from various sources, including network, devices, applications and database, to provide real-time analysis for identifying potential security threats.

· SOAR – Automated Incident Response: SOAR leverages standardized workflows to simplify the process. Defining, prioritizing and driving incident are streamlined, even more, incident responses can be speeded up with the assistance of an automation playbook. SOAR can also consolidate security warnings and attack data from diverse sources, then perform deep analysis to ascertain best practices remediation to mitigate impacts.

The growing number of advanced cyber threats are affecting every business operation. Enterprises should undergo digital transformation to optimize their cyber defenses. To help them go through the cybersecurity reinventing journey, we organized a webinar with Splunk in February 2021 to share the latest information security trends and feature enhancements of our TrustCSI™ 2.0 Information Security solutions.

Enterprise Information Security: Safeguard Your Business with Managed Security

Reinventing Cybersecurity in the Era of Digital Transformation

TrustCSI™ 2.0 Information Security solutions fully upgrade the managed security services portfolio by leveraging the latest analytics-driven SIEM 2.0 technology. Together with Incident Response (IR) and SOAR services, we help enterprises to achieve faster threat detection and response to defeat advanced cyberattacks. Our dedicated team of Security Professionals and World-class Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are here to serve enterprises with 24 x 7 proactive monitoring, offering high availability and disaster recovery managed services.

Further information of our managed security services can be found at TrustCSI™ 2.0 Information Security Solutions. Alternatively, please feel free to contact our security consultants at any time for a free security consultation. We are more than happy to serve you!

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