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Over the past two decades, the Baltic Sea Region – from the Baltic States to the Nordics – has developed into an integrated, high performing economic region. It is called the ‘top of Europe’ for a good reason. With the increase in economy trade between Baltic Sea region countries & central Europe the need for connectivity has also increased exponentially.

Baltic Sea cable connectivity solution from CITIC Telecom CPC offers you Capacity services and Dark Fiber Infrastructure services. Our Baltic Sea cable with 24 fiber pairs gives you not only connectivity in Baltic & Scandinavian countries but also an opportunity to explore potential connectivity to the rest of Europe as well as Asia.

CITIC Telecom CPC's Baltic Sea Cable

Technical Details of Baltic Sea Cable

Technical Details of Baltic Sea Cable

Cable length

Tallinn – Helsinki – 92 km
Stockholm – Tallinn – 377 km
Stockholm – Helsinki – 573 km

Design Capacity

DWDM System capacity 40 x 100G

End Points

Sole 25, Tallinn, Estonia
Kiviaidankatu 2F, Helsinki, Finland
Mariehallsvagen 36, Bromma Stockholm, Sweden

Benefits of CITIC Telecom CPC Baltic Sea Cable

  • Low latency – better connectivity and more high-speed transmissions with high cybersecurity to increase demand for Capacity & Network infrastructure
  • Wholly owned Cable system
  • Flexible, Scalable & Innovative solution offerings
  • CITIC Telecom CPC is a trusted partner of many International Telecom Carrier & Enterprise Organizations
  • CITIC Telecom CPC's Local Market presence and experience since 2001, including Tallinn on-net Metro connectivity
  • 24/7 Multilingual Network Operation Centre
  • Option to include 10G IPT/peering at CITIC Telecom CPC-owned Tallinn Internet Exchange

Capacity Services

    CITIC Telecom CPC Baltic Sea Cable Capacity Services

      Our capacity services can help you to be lean & agile. Today the Industry challenges cannot be treated as “Business as usual”. You need a partner that can help you achieve your business goal and overcome challenges with right support. CITIC Telecom CPC can help you to respond to the surging demand of capacity with two differentiators; speed & quality of network.

    Our Baltic Sea cable capacity services offer high-speed and low latency connectivity

    • Location of Network:
      Strategic location of our cables gives you connectivity in the digital hub of Europe (Tallinn > Helsinki > Stockholm)

    • Commercial & Operational Flexibility:
      We can offer billing in Euro & provide local support

    • Capacity is available with options for lease and IRU (Indefeasible Right of Use):
      If you wish to have a short term contract or looking for a long term investment, we can support you

    • Supported services:
      • 10GE LAN-PHY
      • STM-64/10GE WAN PHY
      • OTU2
      • OTU2e
      • 8GFC
      • 10GFC
      • OTU1e
      • 100GE
      • OTU4

Infrastructure Services – Dark Fiber

    Dark Fiber

    CITIC Telecom CPC offers fiber pairs from its domestic network, from the Baltic Sea Cable connectivity. Available on segment Sandhamn – Tallinn - Helsinki (south route) we have maintained our cables to the highest standards.

    Baltic Sea Cable Solutions Diagram

    Benefits of Dark Fiber

    • Complete Network Control
    • High quality, low latency
    • Dark fiber provides high levels of performance, scalability, security and lighting speeds
    • Manage complexity and scalability: It can be set up in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configurations
    • Data security

    Dark Fiber End Points

    • Sole 25, Tallinn, Estonia
    • Kiviaidankatu 2F, Helsinki, Finland
    • Stokab building, Sandhamn island, Sweden
    • Lease and IRU 10/ 15 Y Options available
    • Colocation for ILA can be provided upon request

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