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Direct Internet access with DDoS Protection for Enterprises, delivered on the Tallinn MAN and the European CPC backbone

Internet access has become a critical element of the business process of many companies. With the critical characteristic of the service, it is clear that the Internet connection itself has become a target for hackers.

According to the Republic of Estonia Information System Authority, the number of DDoS attacks grew last year, newly coupled with blackmail. DDoS as a service is unfortunately available on the dark web.  Almost anybody can launch a DDoS attack against your company, which can paralyze your company’s everyday work for hours, weeks, or months.

CITIC Telecom CPC uses a package of dedicated fiber-optic cables to provide high-speed Internet access on the Tallinn MAN and via his European Internet backbone. DDoS protection Service is an inherent part of the provided service.

DIA DDoS PROTECT is a high quality robust anti DDoS service, which protects your company against all form of anti DDoS attacks and not only Volumetric Attacks.

Features of DIA DDoS PROTECT

Your connection is protected against the following attacks.

  • Volumetric attacks (TCP SYN Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood, Reflection Attack)
  • Application Layer Attacks (HTTP-GET, HTTP-POST, SSL)
  • State Exhaustion Attacks

DIA PROTECT Solutions Diagram

To ensure swift and efficient mitigation close to the source, the DDoS Protection platform is strategically located and globally distributed:

  • Asia: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore
  • Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt
  • North America: Ashburn, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Jose
  • South America: São Paulo

The provided service is none intrusive and all legitimate traffic is delivered to the customer interface and forwarded like normal as.

  • GRE tunnels are not required for clean-traffic return.
  • Additional circuits are not necessary for clean-traffic return.
  • Additional configuration is not needed at the customer CPE.
  • Service analyses the traffic of a customer's protected network prefixes using backbone data.
  • No additional configuration is needed at the customer CPE to provide CPC with traffic data.

With DIA DDoS PROTECT you only pay when mitigation is switched on.

CITIC Telecom CPC continuously monitors the traffic and when an attack is identified CITIC Telecom CPC contacts you to discuss if to switch on the DDoS protection services. When you give the go ahead the service is up and running is a couple of minutes.

CITIC Telecom CPC will charge you an a very granular basis as long as the mitigation is running. The price is per minute, independent on the attack volume.

During the attack, on a regular basis, CITIC Telecom CPC discusses with you if the mitigation should continue or if an alternative approach is required. Off course CITIC Telecom CPC will be monitoring if the attack is still ongoing. When it is clear that the attack has ended, CITIC Telecom CPC will contact you to discuss to end the mitigation.

As the DIA DDoS PROTECT is ensuring that only the legitimate traffic is delivered to your site, it would not be possible for you to determine if the attached has ended. CITIC Telecom CPC will pro-actively monitor this for you on your behalf.

Please notice that when you are not experiencing DDoS attacks, hence no mitigation is required and  no additional charges are applicable.

Benefits of DIA DDoS PROTECT

    • Pay only for the DIA DDoS PROTECT when your organization is facing an attack. Usually, you pay a monthly fee, no matter if you experience attacks or not. With us, you only pay for the service when your company is attacked per minute independent of the attack size.
    • Service includes by default 15 minutes DDoS protection service per month as part of the DIA DDoS PROTECT service.
    • You are always in control of the duration of the protection service. Start and stop mitigation work at any suitable time. We will contact you when we see that your company is attacked and consult you, at the same time protecting your company with our DIA DDoS PROTECT service.
    • Protection for the full range of DDoS attacks: providing ISO 3-7 layer protection.
    • A globally distributed network of cleaning centers to ensure effective mitigation of the DDoS attack, as close to the source as possible.
    • Standard supported Internet service speed is up to 1Gbps, which case by case basis can be extended to 10 Gbps. The scrubbing capacity of our service is 3Tbps.
    • High speed, quality, global Internet connectivity is based on strong local and global Tier 1 and Tier 2 peering.
    • Includes 8 public IP addresses (minimum) running up to 64 IP addresses, depending on your Internet access speed.
    • You have 24/7 excellent local support in your native language.
    • Service can be extended with optional Security Services to protect your business from internal and external threats that keeps unauthorized traffic from entering your organization, based on next-generation firewall and anti-virus services.

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