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Sparkling Biz Matters: Get Ready for 2023

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Sparkling Biz Matters: Get Ready for 2023

Over the past few years, the challenges ahead of us have been daunting and has put the global economy to the test. For 2023, business prospects are likely to be clouded by uncertainties. However, with the advent of Metaverse, the creative application of advanced technologies and the convergence of human and technology to push forward business and globalization, innovative technologies have brought us a silver lining and unlocked unlimited possibilities. To meet the challenges and seize the opportunities, it is high time for enterprises to overcome adversities by accelerating digital transformation.

The digitalization of business processes can improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and generate data for critical business analysis to develop strategic key performance indicators and achieve business goals. While setting your strategic goals and working out your business plan for 2023, you may consider the following advice to refine your digital transformation process.

Information Security

Building a low-risk business framework should be the first step to reinforce information security and anchor business. We learn our lesson from history that the destructive power of cyberattacks is not to be underestimated, as the ransomware incident of the US’s largest fuel pipeline company in 2021 reminded everyone from all walks of life of the importance of cybersecurity. In fact, experienced cybersecurity experts find it more and more difficult to address an endless array of cyberattacks, yet machine learning algorithms, an integral part of Artificial Intelligence (AI), enable cross-network data processing and analysis in real time, automatically learning and identifying cyber threats. With the ability to predict and auto-respond to cyberattacks, advanced AI technology is more promising in system protection and data security. To mitigate cyber threats and avoid immense financial loss is to construct a secure IT infrastructure that can effectively protect your digital assets and branding.


Digital transformation cannot succeed without cloud applications. The migration of business applications to cloud allows faster market response and accelerates digital transformation with the latest innovative technologies given its unparalleled scalability and flexibility. Besides, container technology will be widely introduced by enterprises to enhance application portability and business scalability. There is no need to worry about cloud management as it is relatively simple and cost-effective to manage, thus alleviating your burden and freeing your team up to focus on operations and business planning. However, enterprises must take into account their business needs, security, compliance and risk tolerance to develop their own cloud strategy, considering that not all applications can be shifted to cloud.


The distributed business model will soon take over as the new trend in operations. Operation takes place not only in offices, but also on employees’ own laptops for more flexible operations and greater productivity. To cater present-day needs of distributed enterprises, intelligent network connectivity will become the most common network solution instead of building a traditional network infrastructure. The convergence of SASE and SD-WAN technology empowers user-based access and permissions, which secures employees’ remote access to internal data, streamlines network management, and increases the flexibility, reliability and scalability of distributed network infrastructure.

Intelligence & Analytics

In order to devise effective strategies to retain existing customers and expand target customer base, data analytics is the best instrument for enterprises to understand market trends and improve products and services. By analyzing the data being generated from network, cloud and information security systems every day, their performance can be comprehensively monitored and enhanced to maximize efficiency. Moreover, incorporating intelligent technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Blockchain, Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) into different aspects of business can drive your digital transformation journey forward.


While fully engaged in digital transformation, business leaders should also be committed to socially, environmentally and economically sustainable development as the public expects more than just your business performance. To be a sustainable enterprise, you need to integrate sustainable elements into your business strategy, uphold ethical standards, maintain social responsibility, make sure no negative impacts on the landscape in which you operate, and maintain your profitability over time.

A Trusted Partner

The ultimate way to accelerate digital transformation is to collaborate with a trusted, reliable and experienced ICT service provider. Such partnership will help you manage and refine your digital transformation, easing the technical and administrative difficulties, as well as supporting your core business.

CITIC Telecom CPC is your trusted partner along the digital transformation journey, and we are fully aware of what truly matters to your sparkling business so as to unleash unprecedented competitive advantages. Contact our professional team for more information if you are searching for a trusted partner.

Upcoming Events:

What matters your business most? The endless digital transformation and the creation of immersive metaverse future make matters on Intelligence, Security, Data, Talent and Sustainability become vital to businesses nowadays. Among them, Data and Security are two matters that you definitely can’t miss! Our “Sparkling Biz-Matters” Executive Lunch Panel will be organized on 7 Dec 2022. The honorary speakers will share insights on how to power up your business with data intelligence and effective security measures for supporting your 2023 digital business priorities ahead.

Sparkling Biz Matters: Get Ready for 2023

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