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Intelligent Innovation and Big Data

As businesses are embedding intelligent innovations into all aspects of their operations, the future of the world is predicted to be data-intensive. Undoubtedly, data management and analysis is becoming a bigger and more complicated task than ever before, but it is the key to staying ahead of the competition. Intelligent innovations such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are thus critical.

Intelligent innovation helps businesses to gain valuable business insights from enormous amounts of data automatically and precisely. Take the manufacturing industry as an example, intelligent innovation can diagnose the weakness of each production line via data analysis, and provide solutions such as choosing the reliable supplier by predicting the foreseeable challenges. Be reminded that data is currently generated at a rapid pace, the estimated data created over the next 3 years will be greater than the amount of data created over the last 30 years, meaning it is nearly impossible to capture valuable data and draw useful insights manually.

Intelligent Innovation for Brighter Future

The only constant is change. Looking forward, modern businesses of all sizes and types should consider incorporating intelligent innovative technologies into their daily operations so as to create more value.

With this goal in mind, intelligent innovations must be widely integrated into all aspects to unleash greater potential. In today’s age of digital transformation, the implementation of various intelligent innovations can provide businesses with a holistic overview, which is essential for more informed decision making. Additionally, intelligent innovations can automate business operations and optimize customer experience, preparing businesses for the upcoming digital future as well as paving the way for the implementation of the next wave of intelligent innovation.

ICT-MiiND - Intelligent Innovation Solution for Enterprises

Embracing the intelligent innovation, CITIC Telecom CPC has launched ICT-MiiND, a solution specifically designed for enterprises to successful digital transformation. ICT-MiiND is an intelligent analytic model driven by a mix of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analysis, IoT and AR technology. This intelligent innovative solution can collect data from all points across the business network, followed by mimicking human’s neural network to conduct analysis and obtain valuable data. Integrated with CITIC Telecom CPC’s big data storage, this intelligent innovation can offer suggestions tailored to every business’s unique situation.

Not only can ICT-MiiND Intelligent Innovation Solution help to streamline business processes and workflows, but it can also ensure the continuity of business’s website and applications, safeguarding the performance from all aspects.

Integrating the latest technologies with innovative ideas, ICT-MiiND is the brain that leads enterprises to successful digital transformation. Building intelligence through advanced container technology; together with network, information security, and cloud computing solutions experience; fused years of practical experiences in digital transformation and resources from global technical partners, ICT-MiiND has developed the company’s latest AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) platform, in which integrated with latest technologies like big data, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), internet of things (IoTs) and blockchain. Unlike other AIOps, ICT-MiiND provides different innovative and intelligent modules that integrated tailor-made and customized industry service scenarios to bring enterprises a smarter IT service management platform.

Empowered by innovation and intelligence with smart learning and infrastructure, ICT-MiiND integrates full stack of services data to the ICT service platform. It performs periodic cycle of data collection, experience learning and correlation, as well as algorithmic analysis and modeling. This builds a foundation for developing a perception for dynamic business scenarios through understanding time, scenarios and industry applications. Through integrating this cognitive capability with the company’s practical experiences and collective knowledge, ICT-MiiND can perform deep and self-learning to develop a self-evolving power that drives dynamic and continuous advancement.
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Strong AI Capabilities

Strong AI Capabilities

Riding on different innovative tools and algorithms, ICT-MiiND is developed to provide analysis in multiple layers to study existing data, review its integrity and detect missing data. Its machine learning capabilities can also identify regular IT operation patterns, align that with changing business priorities to detect different levels of business impact from any IT anomalies.

Simplicity and Precision

Simplicity and Precision

Deliver precise and comprehensive IT operation analysis through capturing massive volume of data from different incidents to develop AI and algorithmic modules and drive intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities. Analysis in dynamic perspectives—including factors like timing, correlations, cause and effect—enables inductive analysis to identify patterns and predictive analysis to forecast progression. A combination of these capabilities enable ICT-MiiND to actively detect anomalies and analyze root cause. It also provides a comprehensive macro view of the entire operations by reducing multiple and duplicating alerts.

Active and Comprehensive Monitoring

Active and Comprehensive Monitoring

Aiming to turn passive monitoring into proactive enhancement, ICT-MiiND combines macro monitoring of the entire operations together with intelligent analysis that deepens IT resource planning. This combination can transform ICT services provisioning from simply meeting SLAs to proactively identifying areas to improve IT performance and user experiences.

Integrate Business Scenarios and Human Knowledge

Integrate Business Scenarios and Human Knowledge

Leverage the experience of managing different networks and IT challenges, as well as the understanding of individual customer’s business processes, application architecture, infrastructure and security policies to develop business-driven AIOps algorithm. It demonstrates CITIC Telecom CPC’s differentiating AI capabilities to develop AIOps tools that are unique from others in the market.

Intelligence Operation Journey
Takes operational efficiency and cost optimization to new heights

CITIC Telecom CPC’s Future-Ready Innovation and Intelligent Operation Suite, designed by seasoned technology and industry sector expertise, provides enterprises with a revolutionary digital transformation journey. With these solutions, customers can immediately experience the improvements in various aspects of their operational journey.

Intelligence Operation Journey

Press Release
ICT-MiiND is an Intelligent-driven Strategy for the Future

CITIC Telecom CPC and ASTRI Partnership Expands Business Innovation Possibilities With AI-AR Integration Extending the ICT-MiiND Strategy and Creating an Innovative and Intelligent Ecosystem of the Future

Our team of data science and analytics experts develop a wide range of research projects grounded in our years of ICT experience and deep understanding of industry use cases. We believe that our strong partnership with ASTRI, together with the development of new technologies, such as AI, AR, blockchain, 5G, IoT and cloud, will ensure that we will continue to find innovative and intelligent ways of helping enterprises to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

ICT-MiiND – Embracing Intelligent Innovation

Press Release

Supported by our global experiences, years of business knowhow and dedicated R&D capabilities for different industries, ICT-MiiND Strategy is not only a platform for intelligent IT service management, but the brain to empower digital success.

ICT-MiiND – Embracing Intelligent Innovation

Press Release
DataHOUSE™ AR Remote Hand Remote Operations and Maintenance Service

DataHOUSE™ AR Remote Hand Remote Operations and Maintenance Service

Leverage wearable AR technology, DataHOUSE™ AR Remote Hand transforms field engineers’ operations, maintenance and troubleshooting processes, driving a future-ready field service era.

It brings field engineers and customers to a new era, enabling them to slash the time and cost of troubleshooting and maintenance for achieving better results.

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TrustCSI™ Secure AI Intelligent Cyber Defense Solution

TrustCSI™ Secure AI Intelligent Cyber Defense Solution

By assuming organizations face a constant level of threat from within, TrustCSI™ Secure AI actively investigates all anomalous activities and identifies threats using the behavioural approach and advanced machine learning algorithms to quickly hone in the root cause and severity of the anomaly detected, formulate findings into actionable insight and predict whether any anomalous network behavior is significant enough to cause alarm.

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SmartCLOUD™ Analytic-driven Data Technology

SmartCLOUD™ Analytic-driven Data Technology

An intelligent data technology cloud service which combines innovative Data Technology with cloud platform.

It facilitates applications digitalization and intelligence through cloud platforms, transforming cloud services from simply providing computing resources to offering comprehensive data services.

With intelligent algorithms and powerful computing capabilities, and combining advanced technologies like big data, AI, IoTs, blockchain, 5G, and AR, SmartCLOUD™ DT performs data collection, machine learning, data correlation and analysis, as well as data mining, all through the cloud platform. This results in high automation in arranging different industries resources, enable intelligent business model development, facilitate intelligent products and services, assist enterprises to tackle core challenges, and create new business values.

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TrueCONNECT™ AI + SD-WAN Intelligent Network Service

TrueCONNECT™ AI + SD-WAN Intelligent Network Service

A network service that integrates AI, big data analytics and SD-WAN technologies.

It achieves the integration between algorithmic analysis, WAN operations and linkages as well as application processing and business services delivery.

Through intelligent analysis and smart machine learning of data across the network, it creates scenario planning through algorithmic and correlation analysis to design and develop dynamic routing to optimize network performance. It empowers enterprise customers to handle surging network traffic with an optimized network architecture.

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Embracing years of practical experiences
Deep industry knowhow with intelligent analysis and algorithmic capability
Deepening innovation with the latest technologies to be a true proactive digital business enabler!
Augmented Reality (AR)
AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) refers to the technology that enables virtual world and the real world to combine and interact. With the evolution of technology, AR has been widely applied in everyday life, such as GPS, online games, and even e-learning. As for enterprises, the rise of business digitalization has gradually led to the rapid penetration of AR, and different industries are exploring on how to use AR technology to increase productivity and service stability. CITIC Telecom CPC is one of the good examples. We launched our DataHOUSE™ AR Remote Hand service in 2020, which adopts wearable AR technology to bring system maintenance and troubleshooting into a new era. It reduces on-site engineers and customers a lot of time and cost to achieve excellent performance. Enterprise customers can leverage on the service to view the status of on-site equipment in real time through the AR console from offices or other locations, and provide live instructions to CITIC Telecom CPC’s on-site engineers as they troubleshoot equipment issues without physically being in the data centre.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
No one can deny that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) and machine learning technologies are already transforming the world of business. Many enterprises successfully reoriented their business by making AI as part of their DNA. While AI is widely used, huge amount of data is derived which poses information security issues to enterprises. In order to integrate AI into the business, enterprises need to make good use of its intelligent features to protect its critical data. A good way is to use data analytics and machine learning algorithms to detect fraud in real-time, which successfully reduces the fraud detection costs with accuracy. As your trusted information security provider, CITIC Telecom CPC protects your business with our intelligent security solutions. TrustCSI™ Secure AI brings a new approach to enterprise cyber defense, inspired by self-learning biological immune systems, which shorten the time it takes for customers to contain threat and limit the extremity and cost of an attack when it occurs.
Internet of Things (IoT)
The INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) is growing rapidly in various industries, such as automobiles, healthcare, logistics, telecommunications, and manufacturing. Coupled with the impel of 5G, IoT is rapidly changing our lifestyles and bringing us to an era of smart living. IoT devices need to collect and use huge volume of personal data, and when we need to connect various smart devices to the network, it means that a large amount of data must be transmitted between devices. This becomes the best opportunity for cybercriminals to carry out large-scale attacks. Therefore, data security has become one of the biggest challenges. CITIC Telecom CPC provides a one-stop managed information security service with monitoring from multiple SOCs, as well as cost effective disaster recovery solutions, fully protecting enterprises from cyber threats.
Experts anticipate 5G will go beyond intelligent communications to become a disruptive technology of the future, bringing faster speed, lower latency, more bandwidth, and edge computing capabilities. 5G will disrupt individual lifestyles, community model and current business approaches, in almost all areas of life and industrial sectors. There will be trillions of non-human users utilizing 5G for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. The role of 5G is not merely about increased transmission speeds. 5G serves as the underlying “glue” for very diverse applications from different industries. Clearly, 5G will power the Smart Industries of the future. However, it is vital not to overlook the necessity of managing the huge volumes of structured and unstructured data generated by 5G connected devices. This information and network management will need to leverage the latest technologies to cope with the unprecedented traffic volumes. CITIC Telecom CPC provides comprehensive ICT solutions, including network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN), alongside high-performance Cloud Computing, robust storage and Big Data analytics to help enterprises optimize the network and enterprise management.
BLOCKCHAIN is playing an increasingly important role in enterprises business development. Various distinct features of blockchain can satisfy peoples’ desires for corruption-proof, manipulation-free and traceability. Blockchain is a decentralized technology. Distributed ledgers can enable a decentralized and sharable distributed transaction record system, which can significantly avoid corruptions and manipulations. The blockchain structure can also increase traceability whilst privacy is secured through anonymity without sacrificing the authenticity and verifiability of transactions. It would become more accessible for enterprises to monitor events and metadata, comply with regulatory requirements, adapt rapidly without significantly increasing the costs, and enable trust and risk reduction. However, several aspects should be well considered when applying blockchain technology. Enterprises should take system integration and technological risks into consideration as integration difficulty, technical teams’ capability and network stability will notably affect the effectiveness of blockchain applications. Besides, value recognition and privacy are also main concerns. As a preferred ICT Innovator with decades of professional expertise, CITIC Telecom CPC is here to offer enterprises with professional consultancy and managed services, helping enterprises to better utilize blockchain to create more business values.
Big Data
BIG DATA refers to a huge amount of data that cannot be processed in a traditional way. Through big data analytics, enterprises from different industries are able to predict future trends or consumer behaviors, accelerating business development and even digital transformation. As big data collects huge amount of personal data, data protection is definitely a critical part that enterprises must look into. There are different laws and regulations to protect personal data in different regions, e.g. the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the China Cybersecurity Law. In order to help enterprises make better use of big data analytics to expand their business and ensure them to meet various data privacy policies, CITIC Telecom CPC’s comprehensive ICT solution is their trusted choice. With CITIC Telecom CPC’s connectivity, information security, cloud computing and backup, and data centers services, coupled with its consultancy expertise, enterprises can rest assure that their businesses can reach a new height.
ICT-MiiND and 5G+ Capabilities bring an abundant future to Smart Industries

ICT-MiiND and 5G+ Capabilities bring an abundant future to Smart Industries

As an intelligent technology-driven digitalization enabler, our ICT-MiiND strategy combines decades of industry experience with the latest technologies—fueled AI, AR, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and 5G enablement—to facilitate Smart Industries to automate IT operations and digitalize businesses.

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