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Holistic Cloud Management & Security in Cloudiverse

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Digital transformation has revolutionized business operations with multi-cloud strategy, offering enhanced business agility and efficiency. However, concerns such as resource allocation, cost control, security, and policy complexity hinder enterprises from fully adopting public cloud solutions. Mr. Taylor Lam, Chief Strategy Officer of CITIC Telecom CPC, shared the challenges in managing deployment and operation of multi-cloud environment and how to manage the ever-growing cloud application effectively, whilst ensuring critical data and applications are always protected at the executive luncheon of the 8th Cloud Forum.

The recent trend of increased spending on cloud services is surprising, with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS) being the fastest-growing segments in terms of users’ spending among all cloud services. One plausible explanation is the adoption of cloud services have shifted from Internet companies solely to almost all enterprises. Since enterprises usually have their in-house developed software, the growth rate for spending on Software as a Service (SaaS) is expected to be relatively slower.

Complexity and Challenges: The Ever-growing Hybrid Multi-cloud Environment

Enterprises crave the transformative power of cloud services, but the complex hybrid multi-cloud structure presents a formidable obstacle to their digital aspirations. Until recent years, transfer of data from on-premises to the cloud was thought to be a straightforward process, but the reality is that digital transformation is far more complicated than initially thought. A multi-cloud environment can lead to increased security risks as well as raising operational and management complexities.

Building upon this, Taylor also raised potential challenges that add complexity to enterprises in managing the ever-growing cloud applications. For instance, data compliance can be complicated by the ambiguity of legal restrictions across different countries, the lack of expertise in managing multi-cloud environments due to distinct operations of each specific cloud, and the high cost incurred.

Efficient and Strategic Multi-cloud Management

Leveraging our decades of expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, CITIC Telecom CPC can tailor a multi-cloud strategy that not only meets your IT needs, but also accelerates the time of delivery and ensures information security. Here are some tips for deploying a successful multi-cloud strategy.

Build solutions at the right cloud at the first time

In fact, it may not be as straightforward as it sounds. Enterprises should consider the type of cloud applications and the deployment methods during the early business concept stage. Once decisions have been made, our professional team can provide an array of solutions to manage different business scenarios, as well as consulting services for implementing a robust and fully compliant cloud infrastructure. From consultation to ongoing support, what sets our products apart is our ability to bridge the gap at the service level by managing clouds resident in different countries.

Integrate cloud resources and billing management for multi-cloud operations

Our team is capable of monitoring resources across various clouds and consolidating all cloud data to generate monthly reports to provide performance-based recommendations, as well as help enterprises achieve cost optimization. A key differentiator is our single billing approach which can eliminate the need for enterprises to navigate different pricing models across various clouds, significantly reducing their administrative burden.

A successful case serves as evidence of the transformative impact of our services. A China-based automobile manufacturing company has harnessed our SmartCLOUD™ Multi-Cloud Managed Services to accelerate its ticket resolution, drove the spending on cloud services down and resulted faster roll out. The service also assists enterprises in building optimized public cloud architectures based on their specific industry needs and pain points. We design and recommend various combinations of public cloud architectures for achieving business agility and cost-saving purposes.

Converging networking and security to safeguard multi-cloud assets

Security in multi-cloud environment is becoming more and more complex. Converging networking and security as a unified solution to provide a comprehensive way to safeguard cloud assets. There are times when enterprises require a dedicated networking solution to support their existing network gateways. To address this need, service providers like us can help them to implement networking solutions on the Public Cloud to fulfill their service requirements. Additionally, user identity management is a common challenge that arises during multi-cloud deployments. Our TrueCONNECT™ SASE Secure Access Service Edge solution could help enterprises simplify their management of security and networking, for instance, managing mobile workers globally and securely.

Furthermore, security gaps are proliferating as technology evolves, making effective management become indispensable. Our TrustCSI™ MSS Managed Security Services help businesses identify and analyze vulnerabilities, prioritize threats, and refine security policies, complemented by multiple Security Operations Centers (SOCs) equipped with 24 x 7 monitoring, high availability and disaster recovery functionality, addressing the issue at its root and taking immediate remediation.

Web applications can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, and compromise sensitive data and database if developers fail to incorporate security considerations in the app development phase. Our Source Code Auditing services can help developers identify app security threats and mitigate source code vulnerabilities (such as validation mechanism) at the early stage, as well as provide recommendations to prevent making similar flaws.

Your Trusted Partner in Protecting Your Business in the Cloudiverse

At CITIC Telecom CPC, we are committed to providing value-adding services to our customers. Our multi-country setting of equipping SOCs located in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai enable us to respond quickly to threats without violating legal regulations. As a digital enabler, we provide one-stop cloud services that optimize the benefits of modernized multi-cloud architecture and empower enterprises to embark on their digital journey with heightened security. Contact us to start planning your digital journey with our professional team.

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