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Establish Cybersecurity Best Practices Against Insider Threats

Establish Cybersecurity Best Practices Against Insider Threats

Significant business losses due to cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common.To effectively address all security threats—whether external or internal—becomes more challenging than ever for enterprises as attack patterns and sophisticated social engineering tactics continue to evolve.

Internal Data Breach at U.S. Telecom Giant - Alert to Internal Security

Even a U.S. telecom giant, with extensive experience and expertise in cybersecurity, has not been immune. The company recently experienced a data breach due to an insider threat, where unauthorized employee accessed documents containing sensitive information of over 60,000 employees. Fortunately, the investigation revealed that the leaked data was neither misused nor shared externally, but the incident highlights the ongoing challenges that enterprises face in mitigating insider threats—“human factor” remains a significant obstacle in the realm of cybersecurity.

Regardless of industry or business size, it is equally paramount to safeguard against external attacks and implement a range of internal protocols to reduce the risk of insider threats. Enterprises should raise employees’ awareness about security threats through regular cybersecurity training and remind them to maintain a vigilant stance. On the other hand, establishing protocols for reporting and scrutinizing indicators of insider threats holds equal significance. In situations where resources, expertise and manpower are insufficient, it may be beneficial to seek assistance from a trusted and experienced Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to share the workload. Leveraging a Security Operations Center (SOC) managed by experienced security professionals enables 24x7 monitoring, prevention, detection, investigation, and response to cyber threats, allowing internal IT personnel to focus on developing comprehensive cybersecurity strategies tailored to support business growth and digital transformation.

Forging Comprehensive Security Strategies with "Cyber Attack and Defense Exercises”

To refine cybersecurity strategies, "Cyber Attack and Defense Exercises” is vital which involves simulating attack and defense scenarios to bolster both internal and external protection capabilities. Before a simulated attack occurs, enterprises must conduct asset identification and vulnerability assessment across the entire IT environment. Concurrently, internal training should be held to raise awareness of various potential insider threats. Internal and external penetration testing will be conducted in the next phase to mimic attacks towards digital assets (including web applications, web servers, network endpoints, VPN and e-mail servers) from the outside to evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures, as well as simulate internal attacks (such as phishing and tailgating) to gauge employees’ responsiveness to cyber threats. Enterprises should continuously refine their cybersecurity measures based on the test results to address vulnerabilities and strengthen the overall defense capabilities.

Enhancing internal security training, bolstering defenses, and formulating robust security strategies are imperative for enterprises to effectively counter cyber threats and safeguard the data security.

Perfecting Cybersecurity Strategies with TrustCSI™ 3.0

As your trusted TechOps Security Enabler, CITIC Telecom CPC’s AI-powered TrustCSI™ 3.0 Cybersecurity suite, equipped with “AI-Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practices” to “stress test” scenarios and systems to elevate enterprise employee defense capabilities. Our one-stop-shop Managed Security Services (MSS) help enterprises effortlessly identify assets, assess vulnerabilities, and identify potential threats through AI penetration testing. Together with our SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) managed by certified security professionals, enterprises can benefit from 24x7 monitoring to have prompt identification and analysis of vulnerabilities, as well as threats prioritization, strengthening cybersecurity measures from the inside out!

Establish Cybersecurity Best Practices Against Insider Threats

CITIC Telecom CPC presents you with a series of TrustCSI™ 3.0 Cybersecurity offerings*: free one-off TrustCSI™ IAS Information Assessment Service and Penetration Testing, TrueCONNECT™ SASE PoC Trial and TrustCSI™ Secure AI PoC Trial. Contact our information security experts now to learn more and enhance your cybersecurity strategy!


*The offer is only applicable to companies located in Hong Kong. Terms and conditions apply.

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