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Syntax Unravels Challenges with an Innovative One-stop Solution

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Syntax Unravels Challenges with an Innovative One-stop Solution

An increasing number of enterprises is taking advantage of IT technologies to optimize their products and services, considering its rapid development and prevalence of mobile connectivity. It brings tremendous benefits to business efficiency, process streamlining and digital transformation. Syntax, a global IT service provider, has chosen the professional services offered by China Entercom, CITIC Telecom CPC’s subsidiary, in conjunction with VMware. By enhancing its service competence and leveraging the power of technology, Syntax is capable to realize innovative one-stop IT solutions for its customers to accelerate their business development and digital transformation.

Business Challenge — Rapid Business Growth Requires Continuous Service Enhancements

As an integrated cloud service provider, Syntax offers managed services for critical IT systems with high standard SLAs. With the growing demand of conducting operations across regions, its customers place higher requirements on IT services’ availability and quality. It was hardly possible for Syntax to meet their demands with its existing solutions.

To overcome this challenge, Syntax is looking for a professional partner to support its enhancement and expansion of IT services, helping its customers actualize digitalization and manipulate a large amount of business data to serve business development and innovation enablement.

Solution — A Cloud Platform Based on Virtualization

As early as 2011, China Entercom had established a partnership with Syntax and VMware. We helped the company to transition from standalone system to a virtual infrastructure realized by VMware. Built upon the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP), SmartCLOUD™ platform was enabled with secure connections powered by China Entercom’s MPLS private network service.

In 2018, Syntax entered into a strategic ecosystem partnership with China Entercom and VMware, broadening the scope of technical collaboration to virtualization, data centers and networks to create one-stop solutions based on digital technologies and platforms. The partnership also extended to commercial, marketing and branding sectors.

In response to new challenges, Syntax continues the partnership because all parties share the same pursuit of technology and vision — “Innovation Never Stops”, while the services and solutions are compatible and complementary. In this partnership, Syntax specializes in application management and cloud services; VMware offers the core technology for building the virtualization platform; With global coverage, CITIC Telecom CPC and its international partners provide high-quality network, cloud computing and data center resources to realize upgraded infrastructure. The solution created by the joint effort is well suited to Syntax customers’ complex requirements of cloud services, and their demands for business development.

With the joint support of China Entercom and VMware, Syntax now provides customized and intelligent IT solutions for improving its customers’ infrastructure that encompasses MPLS network, IDC, virtualization and application management. It is believed that the cost-effective services with advanced technologies can meet the market needs of operation and maintenance, disaster recovery, as well as an IT environment that works well with private, public and hybrid clouds.


1. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Deploying excessive IT application systems is common among enterprises, but it may cause wastage if each is deployed on a single server. Leveraging the virtualization technology offered by China Entercom and VMware, it empowers the virtualization of a single server into multiple ones for several application systems. This greatly reduces the total cost of ownership of enterprise IT infrastructure while ensuring isolation between applications and security.

2. Enhance the Availability of IT systems

Recovering has always been challenging for both end-users and IT service providers. Yet, Syntax can move an IT application system between different physical servers with the help of virtualization technology provided by China Entercom and VMware, raising the availability of enterprises IT systems.

3. Improve IT Service Performance and Customer Service

Ever since Syntax has introduced the one-stop innovative IT solution, its service performance has increased from 99.3% to more than 99.8%; the guaranteed time for recovery across regions and data centers has shortened from 8 hours to no more than 4 hours, or even shorter according to customer needs. With the global resources of CITIC Telecom CPC and the technology of VMware, Syntax further innovated and extended their services to provide its customers with 7x24 seamless and worldwide services, and to promptly respond to urgent requests and rapid service provision.

Envisioning Tomorrow

Syntax, China Entercom and VMware share many other commonalities as long-term partners: all are international corporations that offer standardized products and IT services in local languages, and target at enterprises with global business. This partnership will not only continue in other areas, but also make more digital transformation journeys possible and empower fruitful development.

Customer Review

“The partnership with China Entercom and VMware has revealed the most effective way of resources allocation. We hope to collaborate more with VMware in the future, together creating technology-driven solutions that bring long-term values to enterprises and actualize digital transformation.”

Dr. Xin Haihong, CEO of Syntax Asia

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