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CITIC Pacific Special Steel: Empowered by Integrated ICT Solution for Digitalization and Intelligentization

2022-07-15CloudConnectivityCustomer ExperienceData CentersInformation SecuritySD-WANTransformation

Having gone through multiple reviews in 2012, CITIC Pacific Special Steel opted to partner with China Entercom, to improve its focus on the core business with streamlined production…


Equipped as a Digitally Resilient Enterprises for Post-pandemic Era

2021-07-30 ConnectivityInformation SecurityInnovationNew NormalTransformation

IDC’s COVID-19 Survey revealed that over 50% of organizations are going to increase their technology budgets for innovative technologies in 2021, enabling remote offices, secure co…


Digital Retail in 5G Era: Intelligent SD-WAN as the basis

2021-07-09 AIConnectivityInformation SecuritySD-WAN5G+

Digital transformation is not a “Nice to have”, is a matter of survival for companies. said Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon.

Prioritizing Network Optimization in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Prioritizing Network Optimization in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

2021-06-30 AIConnectivitySD-WAN

Facing the disruptions ahead, businesses are digitally transforming to adapt to the new market reality. Moving more and more business-critical applications and platforms online, the…

5G+ Smart Industries - The Transportation and Logistics Accelerator

5G+ Smart Industries - The Transportation and Logistics Accelerator

2021-06-18 ConnectivityInnovation5G+

What 5G can offer the transportation and logistics industry is nothing less than revolutionary, and it will radically transform not only how items are moved from one place to anothe…


5G - Smart Manufacturing Enabler

2021-05-28 ConnectivityTransformation5G+

For the manufacturing industry in particular, 5G will bring about a monumental paradigm shift so great, experts have described it as Industry 4.0.


Enterprise Information Security: Evolving Ransomware Threats to OT Networks

2021-05-14 ConnectivityInformation Security

The largest fuel pipeline company in the United States was reported being attacked by Ransomware, and shut down all four of its major pipelines that serve the country. The hacker gr…

Digital Transformation with SD-WAN in the Post-pandemic Era

Digital Transformation with SD-WAN in the Post-pandemic Era

2021-04-28 ConnectivityNew NormalSD-WAN

While the cloud of uncertainty hovers over the global economy, World Bank forecasts that output in East Asia Pacific is projected to expand 7.4% in 2021. How can enterprises grasp t…


ICT-MiiND and 5G+ Capabilities bring an abundant future to Smart Industries

2021-04-16 ConnectivityInnovation5G+

As an intelligent technology-driven digitalization enabler, our ICT-MiiND strategy combines decades of industry experience with the latest technologies—fueled AI, AR, Big Data, IoT…


5G: Next Generation Wireless Technology

2020-12-11 ConnectivityInnovation5G+

Kneecapped by COVID-19, global economy is predicted to shrink as countless businesses are devastated amid this unprecedented pandemic. To cope with the forthcoming economic recessio…


The New Normal: Security Threats on Remote Access

2020-09-11 ConnectivityInformation SecurityNew NormalTransformation

The term "Remote” has become the most popular topic since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. No matter it is enterprises, schools or even government depart…


The New Normal: Switching from In-person to Virtual Corporate Events

2020-08-26 ConnectivityFeaturedInnovationNew NormalTransformation

According to the research from Allied Market Research, the market size of global events industry is expected to reach US$2,330 billion by 2026. Corporate events are always one of th…


SD-WAN – The Opportunities and Challenges

2020-07-31 ConnectivityInformation SecuritySD-WAN

Gartner describes “TechQuilibrium” as the balance point where the enterprise has the right mix of traditional and digital capabilities and assets, to power the business model need…

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