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【Security Matters】Enhance Corporate Resilience with Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practice

Information Security

【Security Matters】Enhance Corporate Resilience with Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practice

The increasingly rampant cyberattacks not only affect all industries but also put government departments and organizations at risk, posing a significant threat to businesses and the public.

Increasing Number of Cyberattack Victims, including a Hong Kong Statutory Body that suffered a 7-hour Ransomware Attack

There have been many major cyberattacks recently, including the cybersecurity incidents affecting a global hospitality giant and the digital community in Hong Kong that resulted in business disruption and massive data breaches. Another Hong Kong statutory body for consumer protection was also hacked for 7 hours, and 80% of its system was compromised, leading to an extra 65GB of data transfer volume. It is believed that the stolen data included employees’ personal data, credit card credentials and information of complainants and partners. According to cybersecurity experts, cyber threats evolve rapidly and these attacks are pervasive. An “impenetrable” network simply doesn’t exist, and relying solely on firewalls or anti-virus software is far from enough. The best way to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities is to perform regular penetration tests.

Internal Threats Become a Key Security Risk

While cybersecurity incidents are common nowadays, internal threats are actually one of the costliest and most challenging security risks faced by enterprises and organizations. Recently, a cloud security research group noticed that an employee from an IT giant mistakenly clicked the “Allow External Access” button when training the corporate data platform through an AI model, accidentally sharing 38TB of non-public data for three years. Indeed, employee negligence can cause serious cybersecurity problems, and may even disrupt the operations and damage the reputation of a business. In order to minimize such risk, businesses should heighten the awareness of cybersecurity among their employees and develop strong cybersecurity strategies. They should also carry out the red/blue cybersecurity practices regularly, and provide related training to safeguard their operations in the long run.

Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practice Emerges as Practical Cybersecurity Strategy

Penetration testing is only part of the red/blue cybersecurity practice, which is a more comprehensive solution to enhance cybersecurity and an important strategy for maintaining cybersecurity in the digital era. This solution has been adopted by companies and organizations in many countries to strengthen their defense against cyberattacks and ensure data security. The practice mainly serves to enhance cybersecurity and incident response capabilities by simulating the attacks and defensive actions.

China, Singapore, Korea, the U.S., the EU and many other countries have promulgated cybersecurity laws, and required certain key departments or sectors, such as energy, transportation, finance and healthcare, to conduct regular red/blue cybersecurity practices to boost their responses to cyberattacks. In 2022, large-scale practices were carried out around the world, such as Cyber Europe 2022, the world’s largest drill organized by the EU, and the CYBER FLAG 23-1 organized by U.S. Cyber Command. These events were attended by cybersecurity teams from all over the world, underlining the importance of this practice.

In Mainland China, the Ministry of Public Security launched the red/blue cybersecurity practice in 2016, simulating attacks targeting enterprises and government departments. It has been an important indicator for the cybersecurity levels of the government and various enterprises. However, how do businesses respond to the constantly evolving cyberattacks? And how do they pass the test with a holistic strategy? In fact, this strategy is essential for enterprises in the digital era.

Develop a Thorough Strategy with Experts through Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practice

Businesses need to keep track of their digital assets and associated risks constantly. To better protect themselves against cyber threats, they should also understand a hacker’s mindset and tactics with the help of security professionals.

Ensuring cybersecurity is one of the key business strategies of CITIC Telecom CPC. The company conducts regular red/blue cybersecurity practices to maintain cybersecurity and professional execution capabilities and ensure strict compliance with China’s Cybersecurity Laws and other cross-border data protection regulations. In last August, our security experts jointly staged a drill to test the resilience of our protective measures. The practice was completed smoothly and successfully. Here are some advice for businesses that plan to perform the practice:

Preparation: Comprehensive risk management and maintaining a high level of alertness are crucial. Businesses should develop a robust system covering self-examination, organization, warning, analysis, verification, handling and continuous improvement to identify and minimize security risks actively.

Before the practice: Businesses may conduct internal cyberattack and defense drills regularly to identify areas of improvement, an important step for enterprises to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of their network security.

During the practice: Mobilizing all resources to monitor, analyze and handle the risks timely, accurately and efficiently, so as to continuously optimize the cybersecurity strategies and reviews.

After the practice: Review and analyze every stage of the process in depth, and learn from the experience to augment the protective measures.

The red/blue cybersecurity practice can effectively enhance a company’s awareness of cyber threats and its response. It can also keep the team alert and responsive to security incidents and cyber threats, and build a safety net to protect its network and data security.

Optimizing Cybersecurity Framework with Extensive MSSP Experience

As an experienced and trusted Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), CITIC Telecom CPC understands the information and network security needs of all trades. With our motto “Innovation Never Stops”, we have developed high-quality, professional, and reliable one-stop-shop TrustCSI™ Information Security solutions to strengthen enterprises’ ability to identify, predict, protect, detect, respond and recover from cybersecurity threats, allowing them to formulate effective cybersecurity measures while implementing robust management strategies. In addition to our TrustCSI™ Information Security solutions, we also offer vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, cyber practice and other professional security services with our extensive experience in conducting the red/blue cybersecurity practices. This powerful combination will help corporate customers identify potential cyber threats in advance, address vulnerabilities timely, and review security measures regularly to maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

【Security Matters】Enhance Corporate Resilience with Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practice

Safeguarding Your Business with 3 Top-tier Security Operations Centers

CITIC Telecom CPC offers a wide range of information security solutions supported by three world-class Security Operation Centers (SOCs) located in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai. They are managed by our team of certified security experts, enabling us to fully comply with international and local policies and regulatory requirements while providing professional information security services. Through highly available Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology, supplemented by 24x7 real-time monitoring, our services effectively help enterprises carry out correlation analysis of security incidents to identify vulnerabilities, prioritize threats as well as refine security strategies and processes to safeguard their operations.

We now offer a free trial of SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS)* to the first five customers upon successful registration, inviting them to witness the power of our 3 world-class SOCs in helping enterprises perform comprehensive monitoring and respond to cyberattacks swiftly. Register now or contact our security experts to learn more!

【Security Matters】Enhance Corporate Resilience with Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practice

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