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Readers' Choice Product Excellence Awards 2014 - Cloud Services Provider: CITIC Telecom CPC

Media Coverage @ Network World Asia

2014-12-24 Download PDF

CIOs and IT decision makers are now largely more aware of what cloud computing can or cannot do; how cloud services and technologies have advanced; and why adoption is growing. Yet, for those still heeding myths about cloud computing, scepticism and doubt persist.

To distinguish fact from myth, CIOs should look to reputable cloud service providers who deliver:

  • • Security measures that tend to be more robust than those of large enterprise data centers.

    • Contract terms that give businesses full ownership of cloud-based data, including the right to choose the data storage location.

    • Not only virtualization but also deploy and scale infrastructure rapidly in a structured, on-demand, and pay-as you-go method. These can be designed, built and managed as a private, public or hybrid cloud.

    • Comprehensive benefits – i.e. management efficiency, cost effectiveness, ease of implementation – that are compelling not only to SMBs but also to larger enterprises.

    • Benefits beyond cost savings that are not easily attainable in-house, such as agility, scalability, time-to-market and fast access to high-quality infrastructure and new technology.

  • The business case for SmartCLOUD
  • One of the reliable and reputable cloud service providers that fulfils these promises is CITIC Telecom CPC. The company’s SmartCLOUD solutions are built on carrier-grade and ISO9001, ISO20000- and ISO27001-certified data centers, as well as quality networks and security expertise. They are designed to enable companies of any size reap substantial cost savings while maintaining flexibility, enterprise-grade security, privacy and availability. SmartCLOUD solutions of any scale can be deployed rapidly over the internet or a private network cost effectively.

  • Designed to help businesses seize new opportunities and technological possibilities is CITIC Telecom CPC’s SmartCLOUD Compute solution. It extends existing IT capabilities. Users can increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly, without investing in new infrastructure, new personnel, or new software.

SmartCLOUD Compute is essentially an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and hybrid cloud solution that melds best-inclass performance and availability in five key resource factors – virtual memory, storage, CPU, network and a physical port – so businesses can securely and freely scale out.

This is possible because SmartCLOUD Compute leverages:

• Seven Cloud Service Centers across Asia supported by three Security Operation Centers and five Cloud Operation Centers.

• An extensive presence in China with three SmartCLOUD centers and more than 100 TrueConnect Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN points of presence or POPs.

• High-availability infrastructure offering customers up to 99.99% availability.

By interoperating with CITIC Telecom CPC’s MPLS VPN and managed security services, SmartCLOUD Compute readies the necessary infrastructure for cloud system deployment. After deployment, resources can be seamlessly reallocated and managed in real time via an online self-service console that is securely accessible with 2-factor, 2-phase authentication. Resources are protected with highly secure connectivity to isolate applications and ensure data integrity.

Beyond IaaS and virtual servers

But CITIC Telecom CPC hasn’t stopped there and offers a suite of solutions that addresses various business requirements.

• SmartCLOUD Compute PA (Performance Agent) enables users to configure dedicated virtual resources on demand in real time and facilitate resources management and project planning.

• SmartCLOUD BRR (Backup, Replication and Recovery) accelerates recovery time and provides highly granular recovery points.

• SmartCLOUD Mail is an email and collaboration suite that syncs emails, calendars, contacts, files and documents securely across desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

• SmartCLOUD VC is a multi-point video conferencing service accessible via room-based systems, PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

SmartCLOUD solutions also seamlessly interoperate with CITIC Telecom CPC’s other products and services and leverage state-of-the-art non-stop, highly available Internet Data Centers. Additionally, CITIC Telecom CPC partners with top-tier cloud technology vendors to tap on best-of-breed virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies.

"SmartCLOUD Compute is essentially an IaaS and hybrid cloud solution that melds best-in-class performance and availability in five key resource factors – virtual memory, storage, CPU, network and a physical port – so businesses can securely and freely scale out."

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