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Secure Remote Work Solution Approach, Business Continuity & Challenges Ahead for a CIO

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Secure Remote Work Solution Approach, Business Continuity & Challenges Ahead for a CIO

Recent COVID-19 pandemic is something that we have never experienced before. Within days, it has changed our way of life from work to social life. The first line of defence along with the medicals came in is technology. Suddenly, the entire attention was on CIOs and IT professionals.

Ensuring business continuity, sudden surge in demand for Internet, remote work solutions and new cyber threats pose new challenges in front of every CIO. To overcome these challenges, CIOs not only need technical expertise, but also flexibility and empathy!

The entire business landscape is gradually sifting and adapting to the new normal way of working – Remote Working.

There are 3 stages that CIOs would experience:

1.       Providing secure remote work facilities for all employees, and maintaining business continuity while keeping the health and safety of all employees as priority

2.       Establishing new ways of remote working and keeping customer experience seamless

3.       Taking the entire experience as a lesson to ensure resilience while keeping digital transformation as top priority

Many CIOs were able to stabilize the business operations, however could not avoid hiccups. Following challenges still pose threats to any CIO, and road further ahead needs navigation.

1.       Drive adoption of remote work culture

With an array of multiple tools available for remote connections and communications, it is a challenge for CIOs to ensure timely adoption. Multiple tools, calls, email etc. can be frustrating for employees.

2.       Keeping the pace up for digital transformation while managing new cybersecurity threats!

New change in business scenario leads to the change in the planned business strategy. The new normal “Remote work” has generated the demand for better IT infrastructure. CIOs will have to work hard to maintain the IT costs and security while striving to “Winning in the turns”.

One of the most important lessons for CIOs during the COVID-19 crisis is to adopt cloud-based infrastructure along with VPN & SD-WAN hybrid infrastructure and information security solutions.

3.       Empathy & flexibility first while ensuring business continuity

Good leaders have acknowledged that people are finding it difficult to keep up with the daily work performance while caring for loved ones, managing kids, stocking up groceries, and other necessary items and try to stay healthy.

Many organisations have implemented flexible work arrangements such as remote working , flexible shifts or providing paid leave of absence as caregivers.

It is important to give some time for employees to adapt and ensure optimum business productivity. Leaders also need to encourage digital breaks and radio silence during the lunch break.

4.       Listen & communicate. After all, we are all humans

Fear and no communication leads to miscommunication. It is very important that leaders keep communication channels open, share updates, and most importantly listen to employees.

5.       Seamless Customer Experience

While CIO is busy on reacting to the dynamic business and social scenarios, they still need to keep the standards high in terms of customer experience. In the coming months, we can predict that the business models will evolve, mode of service deliveries and channels will see a shift, and most importantly for some of the enterprises value propositions of their products or services offering will change to cater the new customer needs.

We will be pushed further higher in digital universe and in that there will be a need for innovative ways to engage with the customers and business. Considering the current situation, it is highly unlikely that we will see the same amount of footfall in any banks or retail chains. CIOs will be under pressure to support customer experience digitally by building new capabilities, automating processes, managing data along with the local legislations such as GDPR, China Cybersecurity Law, the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data, and many more.

As your trusted ICT solutions partner, CITIC Telecom CPC can help you meet ICT challenges. If you would like to set up a call with our experts to discuss how we can help you, please contact us now!

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Secure Remote Work Solution Approach, Business Continuity & Challenges Ahead for a CIO

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