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CITIC Pacific Special Steel: Empowered by Integrated ICT Solution for Digitalization and Intelligentization

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CITIC Pacific Special Steel: Empowered by Integrated ICT Solution for Digitalization and Intelligentization

Dated back to 1890, the predecessor of CITIC Pacific Special Steel was founded by Zhang Zhidong, the Viceroy of Huguang in the late Qing Dynasty, as the Hanye Ping Coal and Iron Mine Company, which is well-known as the “Cradle of Chinese Steel” for its deep-rooted presence. In the past hundred years, CITIC Pacific Special Steel has forged ahead despite wind and rain, and has become a pioneering manufacturing enterprise under CITIC Group. With 8 subsidiaries and an annual production capacity of 14 million tons of special steel, the enterprise manages to produce more than 3,000 varieties and 5,000 specifications of special steel products. Being one of the world’s largest production bases for special bars, plates, pipes, wires and forgings with the most comprehensive specifications and the largest unit scale, its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, including the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. Yet, its rapid expansion of production and operation alongside the increase of subsidiaries and systems have placed higher demands on its corporate network structure.

Breakdown Data Silos with Extensive Network and Public Cloud Resources

In response to its parent company CITIC Group and CITIC Pacific’s digitalization plan, the headquarter of CITIC Pacific Special Steel decided to unify the management of its subsidiaries in 2008, creating enormous needs for an optimized network structure.

Having gone through multiple reviews in 2012, CITIC Pacific Special Steel opted to partner with China Entercom, by leveraging our global coverage of resources to support the network deployment and that of its subsidiaries via the MPLS Private Network service. First we addressed the data access issue associated with its globalized business using our competent operation and maintenance service, then the enterprise also adopted our SmartCLOUD Compute (Public Cloud) in the same year. Not only offering IT equipment services, this cloud computing solution also puts the entire data domain under the control of the enterprise itself, enabling optimal scheduling, automatic management and shared use of hardware and software resources, as well as quick deployment of operation. By actualizing the interconnection of business data and collaboration of procurement and production, our series of multi-faceted solutions broke down the data silos of CITIC Pacific Special Steel and its subsidiaries. Meanwhile, the enterprise could focus on the core business with streamlined production and management to accelerate digitalization and intelligentization.

China Entercom’s “MPLS Private Network+Public Cloud+Private Cloud+Data Centre+Information Security Solutions” offers one-stop integrated ICT solutions specialized for the manufacturers, in the hope of the best foundation for digitalization and intelligentization to manifest smooth data transmission supported by secure and stable network.

Compliance: Multi-tier Domestic and International Certifications

Information security is more commonly included in collaboration metrics shows its importance to enterprises. In view of this, China Entercom offers CITIC Pacific Special Steel the Private Network, Public Cloud (SmartCLOUD Compute), Private Cloud (SmartCLOUD vOne) and Data Centre services. More importantly, we have worked together, and completed the Information Security Management System Certification (ISO27001).

“To forge iron, one must be strong.” Just as China Entercom’s multi-tier domestic and international certifications including Trusted Cloud Services (TRUCS) Certification, TL9000, ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001, ISO27017 etc., our service compliance evidently meets the requirements of CITIC Pacific Special Steel.

ICT-MiiND: Innovative Strategy Empowers Next-Level Digitalization and Intelligentization

We came up with the ICT-MiiND strategy based on our precise judgement of client needs—a more intelligent and dynamic “brain” for digital transformation. Integrated with smart thinking, various innovative tools and algorithms that correlate different scenarios, as well as machine and deep learning for advanced intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities, ICT-MiiND is designed to address all kinds of problems and proactively formulate solutions for enterprises through automation, multi-dimensional and holistic thinking, analysis and evaluation. That being said, we believe our ICT-MiiND strategy can help CITIC Pacific Special Steel to actualize intelligent digital transformation.

Facing a new wave of technological and industrial revolutions, “smart manufacturing” is going to be a core initiative for every government. As for China, the “14th Five-Year Plan” clearly outlines: “…to carry out in-depth implementation of smart and green manufacturing…and reform the traditional industries while promoting the optimization and restructuring of raw material industries like petrochemicals, steel, non-ferrous metal and building materials.” As digitalization and intelligentization has transformed CITIC Pacific Special Steel into a high-grade, precise and advanced enterprise, “smart manufacturing” is then the key to win the future steel market. Thanks to our unique resources and capabilities in the ICT industry, China Entercom has become a companion along manufacturers’ digitalization and intelligentization journeys to help them stand out from the competition. Through thick and thin, we will surmount all the difficulties for CITIC Pacific Special Steel until we reach smart manufacturing someday.

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