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CITIC Telecom CPC increases its global footprint with new SmartCLOUDTM Services Centres in Moscow and London (English Version Only)


Press Release


CITIC Telecom CPC increases its global footprint with new SmartCLOUDTM Services Centres in Moscow and London

Continued ICT investment in Europe and Russia to accelerate regional customers’ expansion with CITIC Telecom CPC’s ‘Europe & Russia Cloud Ring’

The Netherlands, October 19, 2018 – To provide higher flexibility and more comprehensive cloud connecting capabilities for its customers, CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (“CITIC Telecom CPC”), a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK:1883), has announced today that it will launch new connected SmartCLOUDTM Services Centres in Moscow and London.

This significant investment in the development of innovative ICT solutions provides enterprise customers with high performance and reliable solutions, real-time scaling of infrastructure and optimal cloud resources. This follows the company’s global cloud centre network expansion strategy, marked by the debut of two cloud centres in Frankfurt, Germany, and Cape Town, South Africa.

The addition of these two new centres take CITIC Telecom CPC’s total of cloud centres to 18. The centres cover Asia Pacific, America, South Africa, Europe and Russia.

The services centres in Moscow and London will provide further flexibility and benefits from secure multi-cloud connectivity and increase CITIC Telecom CPC’s unique network footprint across East and West, extending to across the world.

“We believe a reliable communication infrastructure is the foundation of successful digital transformation. As a global ICT services partner, we help our customers design their network infrastructure resources based on their business models and needs,” said Stephen Ho, CEO of CITIC Telecom CPC.

“In the past few years, we have been growing together with customers, with our footprint not only covering Asia Pacific to Europe and America, but also extending to Russia and South Africa. This means we can continue to provide innovative ICT solutions to help our customers leveraging digitalisation to transform their businesses, and even the whole industry,” he added.

The ‘Europe & Russia Cloud Ring’ will be crucial for European-based enterprises who are looking to invest in and explore the emerging market and business opportunities in mainland China. Not only will it provide a scalable cloud platform with full disaster recovery capability to intra-city, inter-city and cross-boundary redundancies, it will also provide round-the-clock professional support optimising customers’ IT investment, achieving a faster response time and ensuring business continuity.

“This will allow CITIC Telecom CPC’s enterprise customers to concentrate on continuing to run their core businesses.”

These new business investments have significantly expanded CITIC Telecom CPC’s global footprint from the Asia Pacific, to Europe and Russia.

In addition to this expanded network reach, the new Moscow Cloud services centre will enhance CITIC Telecom CPC’s Russian language market capabilities and allows further access to as yet underserved markets, for itself and its customers.

The growth of EdTech, especially in Europe has been recognised as a critical development towards a better future. Technology is increasingly seen as a crucial enabler for new strategic capabilities for education institutions.  It is no longer just an enabler of business trends, but to drive success for many industries worldwide.


About CITIC Telecom CPC

CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (“CITIC Telecom CPC”), a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK: 1883), serves multinational enterprises the world over by addressing their specific ICT requirements with highly scalable tailored solutions built upon the company’s flagship technology suites, comprising TrueCONNECT™ private network solutions, TrustCSI™ information security solutions, DataHOUSE™ global unified cloud data center solutions, and SmartCLOUD™ cloud computing solutions.

As one of the first managed service providers in Hong Kong to achieve ISO 9001, 14001, 20000, 27001, and 27017 ICT-related certifications, CITIC Telecom CPC delivers on its superior quality commitment through a broad global footprint encompassing some of the highest growth markets in Asia, Europe and America, with over 140 points of presence, 18 Cloud service centers, 30+ data centers, and two dedicated 24x7 Security Operations Centers.

At CITIC Telecom CPC, “Innovation Never Stops.”

For more information please visit www.citictel-cpc.com

Media Contact:

Micty Wong
(+852) 2170 7511
Email: micty.wong@citictel-cpc.com

Rowena Leung
(+852) 2170 7536

Email: rowena.leung@citictel-cpc.com

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