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Scaling out IT with CITIC Telecom CPC cloud computing services (English version only)

Scaling out IT with CITIC Telecom CPC cloud computing services

In the cloud computing era, managing multiple services like cloud, network and security across multiple locations is becoming complex and difficult for many organizations.

As an ICT solutions provider in Asia Pacific and the winner of the first Cloud Excellence Awards Best Infrastructure-asa-Service category, CITIC Telecom CPC is dedicated to provide a reliable cloud infrastructure with integrated solutions and services for various modes of cloud environment.

“We expect cloud computing market will continue to rise in a fast pace and we will keep investing in SmartCLOUD services to help enterprises simplify IT management, optimize operations, reduce operation costs and become more secure,” said Daniel Kwong, senior vice president of information technology and security services, CITIC Telecom CPC.

Cloud services at customers’ command

Building on CITIC Telecom CPC’s robust cloud computing infrastructure, SmartCLOUD enables organizations of different sizes to rapidly deploy any scale of enterprise cloud computing services over the internet or a private network cost-effectively.

SmartCLOUD solutions suite covers nine managed cloud services, including virtual or dedicated private cloud, backup, replication and recovery, video conferencing, email, desktop-as-a-service (DaaS), load balancing, along with detailed reporting and analysis tools.

Offered on a subscription basis and interoperated seamlessly with the company’s other managed ICT solutions, SmartCLOUD helps customers to scale out IT according to their needs. Additional performance and functionality can be added easily without high upfront capital investment, increasing business agility and competitiveness of customers.

SmartCLOUD services leverage CITIC Telecom CPC’s self-managed carrier-grade cloud data centers, which were awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Extensive geographical coverage

CITIC Telecom CPC has been actively expanding its cloud service center network since 2011. Cloud service centers in Asia Pacific spanning Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore. Early this year, another cloud center was open in Japan.

The company will further expand its footprint to the US and Europe. By the end of this year, two more cloud service centers will be launched in Los Angeles and Frankfurt. A total of 12 cloud service centers will be operating by year-end, covering Asia Pacific, Europe and the US.

Professional specialist team

Complementing these cloud service centers is the new SmartCLOUD Professional Service.

Under this one-stop professional service, a team of certified cloud, network and security specialists help customers implement, support and monitor cloud operating systems and applications.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s Daniel Kwong: Enterprises are looking for cloud service providers that could work along with them on their cloud projects

“Enterprises are looking for cloud service providers that could work along with them on their cloud projects, from overall design, project implementation to ongoing support,” said Kwong. “SmartCLOUD Professional Service fulfills their needs and helps them transform their IT operations in an even more effective way in terms of time and cost saving.”

With 24x7 continuous services in place, customers can concentrate on their core businesses while ensuring business continuity.

Kwong added the company’s services and cloud offerings over the years has allowed CITIC Telecom CPC to earn recognition from a broad customer base across different industries in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific such as banking and finance, luxury, professional services, trading and logistics companies.

“We will continue to enhance our infrastructure, solutions and services to address customers’ current and future ICT challenges,” he concluded.

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