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【Security Matters】Identify Potential Vulnerabilities and Cyber Threats with “Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practices – Red Team”

Information Security

【Security Matters】Identify Potential Vulnerabilities and Cyber Threats with “Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practices – Red Team”

Cyberattacks have been increasingly rampant worldwide as it happens every 39 seconds on average. With the rapidly evolving tactics and the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), more businesses and organizations have been hacked and suffered more severe damages. It is estimated that financial losses caused by cyberattacks will increase by 15% in the next five years and that annual losses suffered by victims around the world may reach US$10.5 trillion by 2025. According to Forbes, in January and February 2023, AI-driven “Social Engineering” attacks recorded a staggering 135% growth, hindering the future growth of businesses substantially. Therefore, a forward-thinking, comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is crucial for the business world.

In order to enhance overall cybersecurity, it is important to proactively identify vulnerabilities and potential threats while strengthening the defensive measures. The Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practice is a key cybersecurity strategy, where the red and blue teams will simulate the attack and defensive actions in real-life scenarios to help enterprises assess the weaknesses in their networks and IT systems, strengthen their responses to potential security threats, formulate effective cybersecurity strategy, and optimizes their cybersecurity architecture. Businesses should carry out the drill regularly and continuously optimize their cybersecurity strategies and measures based on the results. This exercise can also heighten the awareness of cybersecurity among frontline and backend staff, who may help implement the preventive measures and ensure cybersecurity.

Identify and Predict Potential Threats to Develop Targeted Risk Management Strategy

To optimize information security, a cybersecurity framework can be used as a guide to strengthening businesses’ ability to identify, predict, protect against, detect, respond to, and recover from cybersecurity threats, allowing them to boost and continuously upgrade their risk management strategies that offer high visibility, manageability and controllability.

“Identify and predict” is the first core pillar of the cybersecurity framework as well as the first step in laying a strong foundation. It focuses on a comprehensive assessment of the corporate assets, risks, weaknesses and potential threats.

1) Asset Identification

Asset Identification involves identifying and documenting all corporate assets, including hardware, software, data, employees and facilities. It offers a holistic view of the scope and scale of the data and assets, and helps identify the value, sensitivity and significance of each asset. It also facilitates businesses in determining the levels of protection and control required for each asset, allocating more resources to protect the most critical assets, such as personal data, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring compliance to improve the overall security level. By identifying these vulnerabilities, businesses will be able to analyze potential threats and formulate effective and targeted risk management strategies to minimize the risks.

2) Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment and management is an ongoing and proactive process that focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in digital assets, such as data, customer information and critical network assets, using vulnerability scanning and management tools and the related knowledge base. A targeted assessment of online applications, network devices and IT infrastructure is essential since it can pinpoint all security vulnerabilities and prioritize risks to prevent potential threats and complete the safety net.

3) Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is another important strategy to find out the weaknesses and vulnerabilities effectively. The “Red Team” simulates a network attack and penetrates applications, systems, websites and other assets to identify potential weak spots, technical vulnerabilities, and fragile security measures. The team will then mimic a hacker and try to attack the identified vulnerabilities by cracking passwords and through social engineering to uncover hidden security blind spots, helping businesses visualize key potential risks and formulate targeted defensive strategies.

Defend against Potential Threats with Extensive Cyber Drill Experience

As an experienced and trusted Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), CITIC Telecom CPC understands the information and network security needs of all trades. With our motto “Innovation Never Stops”, we have developed high-quality, professional, and reliable one-stop-shop TrustCSI™ Information Security solutions to strengthen enterprises’ ability to identify, predict, protect against, detect, respond to and recover from cybersecurity threats, optimizing their cybersecurity frameworks. In addition, we also offer a range of “Identify & Predict” services including information assessment, penetration testing, and source code review with our extensive experience in conducting AI-Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practices. This powerful combination will help corporate customers identify potential cyber threats in advance, address vulnerabilities timely, and review and optimize their security measures regularly to maintain a comprehensive, forward-thinking cybersecurity strategy.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s wide range of information security solutions are supported by three world-class, self-deployed and self-managed Security Operation Centers (SOCs) located in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai, which are managed by our team of certified security experts. Through highly available Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies, supplemented by 24x7 real-time monitoring, our services effectively help enterprises carry out correlation analysis of security incidents to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize threats to fully safeguard their operations.

We are pleased to support corporate customers with an exclusive limited-time offer. They can now enjoy the TrustCSI™ IR Incident Response Service (worth up to HK$79,999) for free for the first year by choosing our TrustCSI™ IAS Information Assessment Service and TrustCSI™ MSS Managed Security Service. This complimentary service covers proactive vulnerability identification, 24x7 monitoring and rapid incident response services. Register now or contact our security experts to learn more!

【Security Matters】Identify Potential Vulnerabilities and Cyber Threats with “Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practices – Red Team”

*The offer is only applicable to companies located in Hong Kong. Terms and conditions apply,click to learn more.

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