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Private Network

Private Network Solutions - VPN for Singapore IP

TrueCONNECT™ offers VPN for Singapore IP address, which allow your enterprise to enjoy a world-class business networks with maximum convenience, speed, security, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

VPN Singapore IP and Private Network Solutions for Safer Internet Experiences

Are you trying to identify the best way forward for your business where you can reduce vulnerabilities related to open or weak public networks? Virtual Private Networks or VPNs have been in use by businesses for decades now because of its ability to create a secure pathway for your data when you are accessing content from a public network. Organizations use VPN Singapore IP along with our range of private network solutions to improve network security and ensure that computers which are utilizing public networks also pose lower security risks for the private network that they access.

Why would you use VPN?

Corporations use VPN to protect sensitive data

The earliest uses of VPNs were mostly by organizations who wanted to find a way for the employees to connect with the office’s private network even when they were outside the office. VPNs were more expensive at that time and were used in a very limited manner by big corporations only.

Today, VPNs have gained more of a universal appeal and are used by big and small businesses alike to protect sensitive data. This is especially the case when a computer accesses the office’s private network from a public or a Wi-Fi network.

Enterprise allows employees to utilize Singapore IP VPN for safer internet experience

Enterprise have also started using VPN Singapore IP to benefit from the added security offered by VPNs. When you browse the internet using a VPN, your request reaches the internet through the encrypted VPN connection. This safeguards your computer from being exposed to anyone who is trying to view your internet activity. The only thing visible would be the VPN connection but the rest of your browsing activity will not be visible since it is encrypted and goes through the VPN.

Corporations and individuals use VPNs to bypass geographical restrictions on websites

Many corporate employees who are working from a part of the world where they may not have uninhibited access to internet websites may rely on VPNs. When you access a website through a VPN Singapore IP then you will have access to all websites which are not restricted for Singapore IPs. No matter which part of the world you are in, the internet will work as if you were accessing websites from Singapore. So even if you are in a country with internet censorship, you will be able to access websites using VPN.

VPN provides anonymity to a certain extent

VPNs provide you with the additional security required for browsing the internet to reduce security risks. While it seemed like a complex technology earlier, VPNs have become very common among corporations, government organizations and individual internet users. With hackers becoming more commonplace as the internet keeps growing, we feel that every internet user finds it important to mask their identity and browse with a certain level of anonymity on the internet. A virtual private network does exactly this by encrypting data and routing your requests through the VPN.

For business users as well as for individuals, we offer VPN Singapore IP and private network solutions which aim to improve the quality and safety of your internet experience. Our private network solutions include:


SD-WAN (TrueCONNECT™ Hybrid)

Multi-Cloud Connect

Ethernet (TrueCONNECT™ Premium VPLS)

MPLS Provision with IPSec Encryption (TrueCONNECT™ Express)

Remote Access to MPLS(TrueCONNECT™ Remote)

Managed WAN Optimization (TrueCONNECT™ Accelerator)

All of these private network solutions are used in conjunction with each other or individually to enhance end-user experience, increase network security and improve overall business efficiency. We offer 24x7 customer support and we have experienced professionals who manage and monitor the network for efficiency and security.

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Private Network Solutions

TrueCONNECT™ - business networking solutions that empowers any modern enterprises to deploy and manage world-class business networks with maximum convenience, speed, security, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

MPLS (Premium)

Fully Meshed Managed Private Network with Guaranteed QoS


SD-WAN (Hybrid)

Redefine your Business Agility and Advantages


Multi-Cloud Connect

Embrace Unlimited Possibilities to Achieve Greater Business Value


Ethernet (VPLS)

Efficient Private LAN Connectivity


MPLS Provision with IPSec Encryption (Express)

Speedy Provision Private Network with IPSec Encryption


Remote Access to MPLS (Remote)

Secure Remote Access to MPLS Private Network


Managed WAN Optimization (Accelerator)

Managed WAN Optimization Services Accelerating SPEED - Enabling BIZ

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