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Sparkling Biz Matters
HK Solutions Day 2022

Thanks for joining us in exploring the Business Matters that sparkle in 2023!

Hong Kong Solutions Day 2022 brought together our ecosystem partners and ICT industry players to discuss the Business Matters critical to today’s modern enterprises. The seminar and panel discussion at the event started with the two important business matters – Data Matters and Security Matters, allowing the audience to grasp the insights and look forward to a brighter and more sparkling 2023. Click here for the event details.

We hope you enjoyed the first part of Hong Kong Solutions Day 2022! The second part is coming soon next year. Stay tuned for more event details. See you in March 2023!

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Event Highlights


Sparkling Biz Matters: Your Intelligence Operations Begin with Innovative Technologies


Sparkling Biz Matters: Cloud-Network Convergence Empowers Intelligent Business


Sparkling Biz Matters: Cloud-Network Convergence for Business Innovation


Solutions Day 2023 - Sparkling Biz Matters


【Hong Kong Solutions Day 2022/23: Fireside Chat - Panel Discussion Highlights】

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Sparkling Biz Matters: Cloud-Network Convergence for Business Innovation

Sparkling Biz Matters: Cloud-Network Convergence for Business Innovation

2023.01.31 Cloud ComputingNetworkEcosystemSD-WAN

This is the best timing to strategize for your enterprises and add some sparkles to your businesses to get off to a good start. According to a recent survey conducted by CITIC Telecom CPC, over 100 respondents revealed that there are five core areas to be watched out in 2023: cloud, network, intelligence, security and sustainability.

Sparkling Biz Matters: Get Ready for 2023

Sparkling Biz Matters: Get Ready for 2023

2022.12.05 Cloud ComputingNetworkEcosystemSD-WAN

Over the past few years, the challenges ahead of us have been daunting and has put the global economy to the test. For 2023, business prospects are likely to be clouded by uncertainties. However, with the advent of Metaverse, the creative application of advanced technologies and the convergence of human and technology to push forward business and globalization, innovative technologies have brought us a silver lining and unlocked unlimited possibilities.


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