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Digital Globalization

Smart Technologies change the game of enterprise innovation

19 Nov 2019, Tuesday| Guangzhou

Event Highlights

Guangzhou Solutions Day 2019

The interconnected global network presents amazing opportunities for enterprise. Fundamentals of connections have been revolutionized. Data flows are soaring worldwide. Digital globalization allows companies to manage their international operation in more efficient ways. Companies can penetrate fast-growing markets while keeping teams connected virtually. To surpass your competitors, a secured technological strategy can positively impact your organizational structure, products, and assets. In return, yielding greater economic value and capitalizing on exponential global growth from digital transformation.

Meet senior executive IT decision makers and industry leaders at our solution day, we will provide insights to customized digital transformation strategy for your organization. Along with you, we will unlock the digital future of AI, SDN, Cloud Infrastructure, Service Enablement, Security and Block chain. Find out more about our unique strength in providing localized support in this globalized environment.


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来宾报到 / 展台参观与交流

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14:05 14:15

VMware 软件定义的数据中心助力大湾区建设

14:15 14:35

富士康 从买全球到卖全球,企业ICT战略升级之路

14:35 14:50

中国欧盟商会 大湾区企业:如何可持续的腾飞(合规化与信息化)

14:50 15:10

中企通信 迎接AI、IoT及区块链浪潮下的信息安全蓝图

15:10 15:30

中企通信 纵横大湾区—以多元网络策略与跨云资讯架构落实数字化策略

15:30 15:50

Fortinet 连接之道,唯快不破:SD-WAN助力大湾区企业安全高效发展

15:50 16:10

合规专家 合规化应用案例分享

16:10 16:25

茶歇 / 展台参观与交流

16:25 16:40

Epicor AI启动的大湾区新工业4.0时代

16:40 16:50

中非民间商会 依托大湾,走向全球—数字时代的企业创新动力

16:50 17:05

圆桌论坛 大湾区红利来袭,企业如何用好信息化“湾”道超车?

17:05 17:15


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