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A Cloud Service for China-Russia Enterprises and Enterprises that do business in Russia and China.

China-Russia relations become closer, the economic and trade partnership is also strengthening, enhancing the business opportunities in both the China and Russian market. The demand for transnational communications, global payment, digital and transaction services will continue to grow among the Chinese and Russian markets.

To drive digital transformation and accelerate innovations, cloud computing, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) of SDWAN/Security and ubiquitous connectivity have become a prerequisite. CITIC Telecom CPC helps enterprises to accelerate digital transformation in the China and Russian markets, leveraging our global reach and smart solutions to your business make bold strides.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s “Europe and Russia Cloud Ring” - connected SmartCLOUD™ Service Centers in Moscow, Frankfurt and London, provides a scalable cloud platform with full Disaster Recovery capability and NFV capabilities, catering to intra-city, inter-city and cross-boundaries redundancies, safeguarding data backups for enterprises global businesses.

Your ICT-Enabler of Digital Societies.

Wherever you go!

“Russia Cloud” in Moscow is a highly reliable and one-stop Cloud platform with high level security protection and services, complementing with extensive international network resources, such as SD-WAN solution and MPLS solutions, to interconnect 18 Cloud Services Centers (CSC) worldwide, further benefits from the unique network footprint spanning across East and West, connecting Europe & Russia to China.

Global Reach with Local Experience

With almost 20 years ICT experience and enriched customer experience in China-Russia market, CITIC Telecom CPC is one of the most respected and experienced ICT service partners within the industry for providing unparalleled access to Europe, Mainland China and Asia from within Russia.

  • Licensing and operational challenges.  Public and Private cloud providers are not available everywhere which can hinder global cloud adoption strategies
  • Fully owned, single identical IaaS platform available in markets where other Cloud providers have limitations including Russia and China
  • Local Sales and Technical Professionals Support
National Laws and IT Compliance

    Data localization. How much do you know about EU GDPR / China Cybersecurity Law/ Russia Federal Data Localization Law (Federal Law No. 242-FZ & 152-FZ)?  Regulatory compliance is a critical element of running a business. CITIC Telecom CPC serving over 14,000 customer sites across the globe, we are knowledgeable possess the right skills to identify potentially critical issues, and verify enterprises compliance from a data privacy standpoint.

    • All jurisdictions have similar laws requiring data is kept locally in-country
    • In-country cloud in Russia and China ensures user data stays in-country, ensuring compliance with local laws
    • In-country cloud keeps applications close to users for high user performance coupled with commercial and operational benefits of moving to a cloud environment

Ubiquitous Connectivity and Flexible Deployment

    -  Provides a scalable Cloud Platform with full Disaster Recovery capabilities catering to intra-city and cross-boundaries redundancies, safeguarding data backups for your global businesses, with optional integration of your existing ICT Services (e.g. Cloud Computing)

     - Enjoy a shorter path and direct connect to Asia, especially Mainland China, nearly 30%, achieved via direct redundant connectivity be

    • Tailored sizing and configuration of Virtual machines to meet all customer’s application need
    • Private Cloud & Co-location available in the same facility for servers that cannot be virtualized but may need low latency access to Virtualized servers and Databases
    • Fully integrated with Network (Internet, SDWAN and MPLS Services) and Locally Certified Security Services
    • 24/7 support locally in Russian/Chinese/English and local account and presales support
    • Local billing and flexible pricing

GIA-JIU ENTERPRISE (Chinese version only)


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