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Cybersecurity Solutions Definition

As the whole world is moving to digital transformation, having the right cybersecurity solutions in place has been more important than ever since a little flaw can affect hundreds or even billions of people.

In brief, cybersecurity solutions are a group of protection measures that a company will take against unauthorized or criminal use of data.

Cybersecurity solutions help businesses to tackle security issues and protect their data safety against cyber threats.

Common Cybersecurity Solutions

As businesses are shifting from offline to online, hackers are becoming progressively more sophisticated in triggering cyberattacks. In other words, the basic domestic-used cybersecurity solutions might not be able to protect your systems anymore - you must incorporate various cybersecurity solutions to strengthen the security posture of your company.

Below are the 3 must-have cybersecurity solutions:

  1. Vulnerability Assessment
    Cybercriminals always happen out of a sudden, therefore, you should take proper cybersecurity solutions to make your system as cyber secure as possible. To begin with, you need a vulnerability scanner to review existing security weaknesses and risks. Once discovered, it is highly recommended to fix the vulnerabilities immediately.

  2. Cloud Backup
    Hackers love holding your data hostage, no matter if you are compromised, they might still permanently delete it. If you do not have cybersecurity solutions for data backup and recovery, you might lose every piece of important information forever which can cause great damage to your daily operations. Therefore, you need cloud backup cybersecurity solutions to make sure even if your hard drives are damaged accidentally, you can still recover files and minimize data loss.

  3. Employee Training
    Apart from engaging with a cybersecurity solutions provider, you should also make sure your employees are well-educated. As a matter of fact, employees are the most common targets of phishing emails. Therefore, making sure your employees are equipped with in-depth cybersecurity knowledge is always one of the best cybersecurity solutions.

What is Advanced Threat Protection?

Advanced threat protection is often known as ATP, which is a security solution that works against sophisticated cyberattacks and ransomwares, protecting the organization from data corruption and data breach. As cyber attacks have become increasingly targeted, advanced threat protection can also help businesses to stay ahead of the latest cyber criminals by predicting attack vectors.

In other words, by adopting advanced threat protection, businesses can take a proactive approach to security by identifying and eliminating advanced threats before data is compromised.

How does Advanced Threat Protection work?

Advanced threat protection can differ in components, however, the majority of advanced threat protection includes some combination of network devices, ransomware detection systems, endpoint agents and centralized management portal to correlate alerts and manage defenses.

To defend against both known and unknown cyber attacks, a comprehensive advanced threat protection should also consist of the following functions:

  1. Immediate Visibility
    It is of utmost importance for an advanced threat protection to report threats in real-time, otherwise it might be tremendously destructive and costly once damage is done.

  2. Clear Guideline
    Sometimes there might be more than one security vulnerability, in such cases, the advanced threat protection system should be able to prioritize threats and organize responses for true security effectiveness.

  3. Data Awareness
    Every business is unique, therefore, the advanced threat protection must be able to interpret the company data, its sensitivity, value, and other factors correctly in order to formulate an appropriate incident response with minimal downtime.

Safeguard your Enterprise against Cyber Attacks with Pinpoint Accuracy and Availability

As organizations gain agility, efficiency, reach and competitiveness via digital transformation initiatives, they also become more vulnerable to new threats. Networks that are larger and more functional attract ever more sophisticated cyber attacks that are harder to detect and more frequent. This highlights the need for advanced threat protection. While automated security tools can serve as the basis of enterprise protection, common solutions such as anti-virus software are too slow to respond to the constant stream of zero-day threats and advanced cyber attacks, including malware. To achieve a more robust security posture, enterprises require a highly trained world-class security team to provide advanced threat protection against cyber attacks and is always on guard round-the-clock. This is the basis of TrustCSI™ Threat Detection & Response Service.

CITIC Telecom CPC created TrustCSI™ Threat Detection & Response Service to serve as an enterprise’s holistic IT security task force, leveraging cutting-edge IT security technologies and CITIC Telecom CPC’s multiple Security Operations Centers (SOCs) equipped with high availability and disaster recovery functionality. TrustCSI™ Threat Detection & Response Service enables 24x7x365 pervasive visibility across the entire enterprise network, achieving faster threat detection and response to defeat the cyber criminals’ advanced cyber attacks, new intrusion and camouflage techniques such as packing, encryption, polymorphism, and others. It is the right security protection for enterprise to defend against advanced threats and cyber attacks.

Managed Security Services (MSS)

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Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

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Security Incident Response (IR)

Shorten investigation cycles with better prioritizing on higher priority threats

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

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