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Everything matters! How does Shyndec Pharmaceutical reshape the “modernization” of the network?

Taking Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Shyndec Pharmaceutical) as an example, this advanced technology company is engaged in manufacturing new pharmaceutical preparation products. After merging with the China National Pharmaceutical Group in 2016, Shyndec Pharmaceutical currently owns 26 legal entities. Along with the continuous expansion, the digitalization strategy of Shyndec Pharmaceutical has gradually shifted from decentralization to centralization. It also planned and deployed information systems at the group level, such as core ERP systems, collaborative office systems, and expenses control systems.

The company understands that to carry out excellent information construction, first of all, it needs high-quality network service guarantee. Without it, the company will not be able to implement unified management on its interconnections, and real-time interactive communications between branches scattered across the country, thus preventing many systems effectively play their roles. For example, the company connected to ERP and other systems through public network, which highlighted two major pain points of its network:

1. Network Stability

When branches of Shyndec Pharmaceutical are connected to internal systems through public network, they may be severely affected by the local network environment and network links, resulting in serious network latency and network jitter, especially when the systems are busy. Affected branches may experience unstable network connections, which is far less smooth than deploying the system locally.

2. Network Security

When the company's core system is completely exposed on the public network, it definitely increases the risk of being attacked or maliciously intruded. There is no doubt that it will pose security challenges to the company's entire IT system.

After the reorganization, Shyndec Pharmaceutical carried out a comprehensive digitalization plan to centralize the systems of all branches, and design the optimized WAN network based on their pain points.

Why did Shyndec Pharmaceutical Choose China Entercom?

China Entercom, a subsidiary of CITIC Telecom CPC, stood out from the crowd and reached a cooperation with Shyndec Pharmaceutical. There were also some mainstream operators, operating agents, as well as other joint venture communications companies submitted the tender. Shyndec Pharmaceutical finally selected China Entercom because of its qualifications and background, the innovation and completeness of the plan, the overall quotation, and the choice of equipment.

Henry Ko, General Manager of China Entercom, said that Shyndec Pharmaceutical had a strong demand for a stable and flexible network, thus they offered an integrated solution of MPLS private network and SD-WAN, namely CeOne-CONNECT Hybrid WAN solution.

This solution uses the traditional MPLS private network as the backbone to ensure stability. SD-WAN technology can be deployed in the secondary branches, allowing them to enjoy high-quality networks with QoS (Quality of service) and higher stability after configuration. Both deployment and bandwidth adjustment can be completed within minutes, which fulfills the requirements of network flexibility.

Henry Ko shared the key difference between China Entercom’s SD-WAN solution and other solutions on the market. The latter only uses public network services, while the hybrid solutions provided by China Entercom is on one hand to build SD-WAN through the public network. On the other hand, after passing through the public network, it is connected back to its backbone network. Therefore, different applications can be divided into different levels of services, supported by the traditional MPLS private network’s QoS. China Entercom prioritizes various IT systems according to their importance, and provides those important and critical IT systems with a certain bandwidth and space in the backbone network area. It can ensure that these important system operations and information flow will not be interrupted even under network congestion.

Better network experience, more convenient management, coupled with 7X24 operation and management to ensure network security, the solution solved all the pain points of Shyndec Pharmaceutical. This is the major reason for choosing China Entercom.

Excellent SD-WAN service goes far beyond SD-WAN

In recent years, SD-WAN has evolved to a new generation of innovative network technology. It has been widely adopted in enterprise WAN and recognized by the industry.

As an experienced one-stop ICT service provider in China, China Entercom started to develop SD-WAN services as early as 2016, and launched SD-WAN (CeOne-CONNECT Hybrid WAN Network Solution) service in 2017, which has been successfully adopted by the world's top 500 enterprises.

Henry Ko pointed out why China Entercom’s SD-WAN service stands out in the market because it provides services far beyond SD-WAN. He concluded with the following advantages over other SD-WAN service providers:

1. Comprehensive Product Mix

The products and services of China Entercom cover most of the enterprise’s ICT key scopes, including CeOne-CONNECT private network services, TrustCSI™ information security managed services, SmartCLOUD™ cloud computing managed services, and DataHOUSE™ cloud data center. It provides pharmaceutical companies with one-stop hassle-free and efficient ICT services, including private networks and SD-WAN, as well as data centers and cloud computing solutions.

2. Strong Resources

Supported by its parent company CITIC Telecom CPC, China Entercom has deployed huge ICT resources in many places around the world, covering more than 130 points of presence along the “Belt and Road”, including cloud service centers and data centers. Nearly 50 SD-WAN central gateway service nodes, more than one-third of which landed in mainland China, not only covering major commercial areas, but also running through the "Belt and Road" (including the Greater Bay Area cities), and extending to many economic-technological development area in China, such as Urumqi and Weifang in Shandong. Its SD-WAN central gateway covers a wide range of major cities, which can be described as one of the highest coverage in China. It also promises that all nodes are self-built and self-managed by a professional team with 7X24 local support, which are the competitive advantages over other SD-WAN service providers.

3. Service Compliance

China Entercom has always attached great importance to compliance issues. It has the nationwide private network service business operation license, cloud service (Internet resource collaboration service business operation) license, IDC license, and has also obtained trusted cloud certification, TL9000, ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001, ISO27017 and other multiple certifications. From various aspects such as architecture design, product function implementation, solutions, operation and maintenance guarantee, and data privacy, it introduces domestic and international standards to enhance the technology, management, process and operation. It builds a more secure, controllable and trustworthy ICT integrated solution for customers. At the same time, it actively participates in industrial development and construction, and strives to improve the industry standards.

4. Experience Matters

The China Entercom professional team has strong experience on technological resource and project management which is fully recognized by Shyndec Pharmaceutical. Its headquarter is located in Shanghai, but it has branches all over the country, west to Xinjiang, north to Beijing, and south to Shantou. The company was not able to fully grasp the network conditions of its subsidiaries, which was the main obstacle to the implementation. The team quickly executed the modification plan and upgraded the system version, thereby successfully solving the obstacles within two days.

Based on the above advantages, the team took about 2 months deploying the SD-WAN solutions for Shyndec Pharmaceutical, and the client was highly satisfied with the efficiency. Now, the core ERP system is built on the newly established network. The network stability and latency have been significantly improved, and the network security is fully guaranteed after the deployment.

A stable network has also played an important role in supporting the company's anti-coronavirus program. During the pandemic, Shyndec Pharmaceutical responded to its Group to fight against the COVID-19, and manufactured the disinfectants and medical drugs to support the frontline, and the Government’s prevention and control measures. Its ERP and other systems operations were already at their peak due to supporting business operations and data statistics. Without an SD-WAN network, normal manufacturing operations will be severely interrupted. With the help of the network services provided by China Entercom, the production and operation have been fully protected during this critical period.

Everything matters in the pharmaceutical industry! The digitalization of the pharmaceutical industry is striding forward, and the important role of the Internet becomes increasingly prominent. The barrel effect is enough to show that a modern pharmaceutical company and its corresponding modern network are indispensable. As a mature ICT integrated solution provider in China, China Entercom have accumulated rich experience. Apart from Shyndec Pharmaceutical, it provides stable and reliable support for many well-known companies in the healthcare industry with private network solutions, data centers, information security solutions and other managed services.

It is believed that China Entercom will become a trusted ICT partner for pharmaceutical companies on the road of modernization development in the future with its excellent capabilities and services.

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