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Business Internet Solution (On-Net Tallinn)

Get your business at higher internet speed

The business landscape is changing faster than ever. This has created a need for reliable and secure internet for organization irrespective whether they are SME’s, or MNC’s.

According to a survey, 89% of businesses said they would prefer to switch to a new Internet service provider. In addition, every respondent admitted that poor broadband has negatively impacted their Business performance over the last two years, yet more than half (56%) have not changed the provider. The top two priorities for enterprises when choosing a broadband provider are value for money and a high-speed connection.

In the last couple of years, The Estonian government and telecom companies are investing in network infrastructure. With the increasing number of business opportunity demand for fast, reliable and flexible internet services for SME’s has also increased.

Our Business Internet Solution (On-Net) with 100 Mbps internet speed and higher along with other solutions provides you secure and reliable bandwidth for all your internet and digital transformation needs.

What is On-Net building?

It means that the building has existing connectivity infrastructure from us and you can switch to our services with ease. We have 100+ On-Net buildings in Tallinn.

How does Business Internet Solution works?

Our Solution lets you get 100 Mbps or higher speed along with options for other network services such as Co-location, Cloud services, Firewall and Private network. You can contact us to check if your location has On-Net business internet availability. If your business in not located in one of our On-Net location we can still help you with business internet plans.

Transform your IT infrastructure & business
with CITIC Telecom CPC

Enterprises are evolving every day, and with the disruptive digital era, competition is fiercer than ever. Enterprises need to rapidly adapt to business changes and technologies in order to stay competitive in the market. Robust IT Infrastructure & Security solutions are important elements for it.

We provide reliable and ultrafast, secure business internet along with a full range of solution suite such as Private network, Cloud Computing, Information security, and more. We can support you for digital transformation journey to

CITIC Telecom CPC Advantage

  • On time installation
  • Business friendly SLA
  • Zero tolerance to downtime
  • Maximum Control
  • Secure network
  • Rapid upload/download of heavy business documents
  • Excellent 24/7 local support
  • Strong network across the globe
  • Option for higher speed
  • 1 free static IP
  • Free Router
  • One stop shop solution for enterprise customers that include Internet access, IP-VPN solutions, Connectivity solutions, Security services, Co-location services, IaaS services and more.
  • CPC is Platinum partner of Fortinet – a recognized leader in Unified Thereat Management - means we are one of the most experienced security service providers in the region


1. What is the benefit of CITIC Telecom CPC On-Net Tallinn?

On-Net building locations are those areas in Tallinn in which we have physically built the connectivity & infrastructure for it. It gives us the control to offer the best services, prices, functionality as well as potential for expansion.

2. Can you provide Firewall services as well?

Managed Firewall service (“TrustCSI UTM Lite” in our portfolio) and Next Generation managed Firewall service (“TrustCSI UTM” in our portfolio) you can find more details on our website under Products & Services > Information Security Services.

3. We might need co-location service in Tallinn?

We offer Co-location option in CITIC Telecom CPC datacenter in Tallinn. Contact us to know more details.

4. We have our offices in other locations within Tallinn and across the globe. Is it possible to connect all the locations?

We provide Point-2-Point Ethernet connectivity within Tallinn metro area and beyond (“TrueCONNECT Ethernet Line” in our portfolio)

5. Do you have cloud computing services as well?

Yes, IaaS Cloud based on VMware platform (“SmartCLOUD” in our portfolio). Visit our website or contact us to know more.

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