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Reinforcing Infosecurity against persistent APTs Security Threats

The means of cyberattacks evolve with this ever-changing network environment. Enterprises can do nothing without any effective information security solution once they get attacked. Under digitalization era, information security become a challenging task, especially after Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) hit the globe.

APTs are by no means new, but in recent years have become a prevalent hacking activity. They are characterized by integrating multiple attacks such as Zero-day attacks, phishing emails, and notably, ransomware which has become the most common type. Hackers will then utilize social engineering to lure victims. On the other hand, APTs usually attack one single organization persistently with sophisticated and multi-faceted techniques. This process often takes up to months, and hackers remain latent and undetectable, hence, the effectiveness of traditional cybersecurity strategy is limiting.

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APTs will not only infect single system but also aim at mass dispersion, so a traditional firewall falls short of defending against APTs. In addition to that, APTs enable hackers to illicitly invade and access the victim’s system over a long time, pretending as harmless and legitimate sources and stealing data without being detected. Compared with traditional automated cyberattacks, APTs are more invasive as hackers can control the entire process once intrusions succeed, putting enterprises in jeopardy. To curb hacking activities, enterprises have to deploy all-round information security solutions immediately.

Combat Escalated Cyberattacks with Upgraded Infosecurity Armor

While APTs are ravaging the world, we held a webinar sharing how enterprises should response to the advanced cyberattacks. Our information security expert reminded enterprises, in the face of enormous threats, they should deploy multi-layered protection to reduce vulnerabilities, ensuring no malicious infiltration into networks and via emails.

Our TrustCSI™ Information Security Solution enables real-time proactive monitoring of anomalies, identifying and analyzing network vulnerabilities, and issuing early alerts when any vulnerabilities are acknowledged. Our team of experts can quickly respond to and correct security incidents, minimizing the loss caused by cyberattacks. With intelligent correlation analysis, we provide monthly reports and suggestions, thereby enhancing enterprises’ operational visibility.

CITIC Telecom CPC is committed to eliminating cyber threats and deploying infosecurity measures to serve the needs of enterprises. Please feel free to contact our technical consultants for a free consultation! More information about TrustCSI™ Information Security Solution can be found here.

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