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On 11th March WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Coronavirus fallout pounds nearly all industries worldwide. As your ICT solutions partner, we understand your businesses are facing the hard time to fight against the COVID-19. To support your business as we always do, we’ll provide you with fast, reliable and peace-of-mind services to safeguard your valuable IT assets.  Simply leave your IT hassles to us and let us share your difficulties to win the fight! Learn more about our great offers on remote access, secure internet connection, cloud data backup, DR and other intra-city backup solutions now!
Comprehensive Anti COVID-19 ICT solutions and
offerings for your business

Your remote access helper, TrueCONNECT™ Remote service enables your staff to work safely from home.

Complement with TrueCONNECT™  Premium & TrueCONNECT™ Express services

IPSec or SSL encryption options available

24 hours fast service activation

Easy-to-use online management portal

Round the clock customer service support

Solution details

Fast activation of TrustCSI™ UTM NFV service for secure Internet access and data transmission.

Bundle with UTM features (AV/IPS/URL Filtering) to secure the connection and data transmission

Fast service activation within 24 hours upon the readiness of customer side’s environment

Fully managed solution from remote deployment, configuration and daily management

IPSec or SSL encryption options available

24 x 7 customer service support

Solution details

Comprehensive range of SmartCLOUD™ BRR cloud backup service to protect your valuable data at all times!

24x7 proactive monitoring

Flexible backup and replication schedules for optimizing storage space

Innovative reverse incremental technology accelerates recovery time

Secure SSL data transmission

Fully customized backup/replication schedule and retention policy

24 x 7 customer service support

Solution details

Over 30 DataHOUSE™ cloud datacenters worldwide to offer intra- and inter-city DR and backup services.

Carrier-class Tier III+ Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard

TVRA and Quintuple ISO certifications

Connecting ~30 data centers and multiple SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Service Centers worldwide

High-availability and high-speed network connection

One-stop ICT service

Solution details
We help global organization to overcome challenges during COVID-19

A Financial Organization with Offices in Estonia and around Europe Faces Challenges with Remote Work Facility for All Employees

We highly appreciate the well-established service support of CITIC Telecom CPC, which enabled us to a fully remote office without any major business interruption during the pandemic lockdown.

Contact our professional team now for the best
ICT Solutions for your business


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