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Do I Need Managed Firewall Service, like Business Firewall or Enterprise Firewall for My Business?

A business requires a set of dedicated resources which include an business firewall or enterprise firewall that can evade attacks and block threats which could otherwise cause your It infrastructure to fail. Enterprise firewall sits at the vanguard of your security system blocking threats before they enter the network. Let us look at how next generation firewall -managed firewall helps businesses secure their system and minimize sophisticated threats.

Next Generation Firewall -Managed firewall

Managed firewall is a service provided by organizations that generally offer IT security solutions, like business firewall or enterprise firewall. The service includes the configuration, monitoring and support of the firewall. This next generation firewall system ensures that businesses do not have to handle enterprise firewall systems on their own. Instead, a team of experienced professionals configures it as per the requirements of the business. Managed firewall providers also generate and share regular reports and take responsibility for the administration of the firewall.

How can next generation firewall help my business?

For every business owner, it is important to identity if security tools like enterprise firewall is important for their business or not. These are the ways in which managed firewall can help your business:

Easy management and maintenance

The management and the maintenance of the next generation firewall will fall entirely on the service provider. This allows the business to free up resources which would otherwise be concentrated towards the administration of the business firewall. Managed firewall services providers will also keep the business firewall updated and will also comply with security regulations which can impact your business.

When a business firewall is effectively managed and monitored by the providers, then it is easier to minimize security threats. When you focus on your core business, a managed firewall service will help you secure your data and IT infrastructure.

Block unauthorized access

Whether you are looking for an enterprise firewall solution or a small business firewall which can be managed by a service provider, it is good to know how a firewall works. The most basic function of next generation firewall is to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack by blocking unauthorized access to the system files. If a hacker tries to breach your system, then the enterprise firewall will quickly pick up the breach and alert you as well as the provider so that immediate action can be taken to prevent the attack.

By being alerted in time, you will have the time to address the problem before it becomes serious or affects your system. Well managed firewall services have the right configuration and are properly monitored to abate problems right at the start.

Block user access to specific content

This is very common in the enterprise firewall. But even a business firewall can do this when required. Large organizations where it will be difficult to track usage can configure the firewall to avoid users to access certain websites like social media platforms since they can impact productivity.

It can also help a small business to keep their employees safe from phishing attacks and scams which occur on many websites. Business firewall can also be used by businesses to avoid access to banking websites and financial websites in order to reduce pilfering of data. Managed firewall services help businesses block user access to specific content by configuring the firewall according to the requirements of the business.


Managed firewall service provides business firewall and enterprise firewall, which is an effective way of minimizing security threats, but firewalls are intended to serve a limited purpose. As security threats get more sophisticated and hackers find new ways to breach systems, firewalls can work only as one of the means of increasing security. Your business will require a range of security tools and monitoring software depending on the extent of security that you expect.

While global commerce proceeds non-stop around the clock, network-borne security threats likewise constantly evolve. Now there’s a powerful solution to combat the latest variants of sophisticated malware and other advanced attacks. TrustCSI™ MFS is the next-generation firewall solution combined with world-class managed security services. Protecting enterprises of all scales in real-time from tranditional port-based security to user-based protection, it ensures enterprises businesses to move forward, while leaving threats behind.

Applications, Users and Contents – All Under Your Control Highlights Distinguished Competitive Edge Related Products

Applications, Users and Contents – All Under Your Control
  • Next Generation Firewall - Provide policy-based visibility and control over applications, users and contents, compatible to run in a virtualized environment
  • Enterprise Directory Integration - Identify users regardless of IP addresses
  • Real-Time Content Scanning - Detect and block a wide range of threats, limit unauthorized data transfers and control non-work Web surfing
  • Multi-gigabit, in-line deployment - Real-time protection that eliminates performance degradation as compared to other security solutions
  • Managed by SOCs - Year-round Security Incident Management and Monitoring via Security Operation Centers
  • Instant Incident Notification - Real-time alerts by email and phone to ensure customers are always updated on security events
  • In-depth Reporting - Comprehensive usage and security reports assist in response decisions and future planning
  • Fast Response – Top-notch technology and security analysts provide robust monitoring and empower our customers to act quickly to mitigate risks
  • Internationally Recognized – Unifying ISO27001-, ISO20000- and ISO9001-certified Managed Security Services
  • Resilient and Reliable – 24 x 7 monitoring teams and world-class Security Operation Centers ensure zero downtime to provide non-stop protection and customer support
  • Smart Incident Reporting - Intelligent alerting mechanism ensures customers are alerted to every distinct and detected event, while eliminating duplicate acknowledgements and false alarms
  • Trusted – Evidences global awards and recognition for he company products and services are testified
  • Optional TrustCSI™ Managed YourDevice Service offers remote monitoring and management services by our certified professionals to customer-provided network security devices
Distinguished Competitive Edge

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