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Unified Threat Management Your Managed Network Security Solution With Intelligent Aggregated Alerts

SD-WAN Security & TrustCSI™ UTM for Information Security

SD-WAN security with TrustCSI™ UTM ensures full protection to your enterprises’ information security. We provide a first line network defense solution with no need of CAPEX investment and comprehensive technical support.

Business SD-WAN Security Service - TrustCSI™ UTM for Information Security

Traditional network architectures fail to handle the overwhelming workloads and complexities encountered during digital transformations which help a business secure its position as a futuristic organization. With business-critical services beginning to move to the cloud, network resources greatly rely on agility and optimization of the network performance in order to ensure smooth end-user experiences. Software-defined WAN, or SD-WAN, allows you to route traffic based on business criticality. IT teams can easily reduce latency problems and packet loss by choosing the most efficient routes for data packets.

Since SD-WAN facilitates hybrid networks, it opens up a whole new category of security risks related to the use of internet. While businesses can control security of an internal network to a great extent, they have relatively lower control and higher risks when it comes to external networks. When data travels through external or public networks, it is important to use high security controls and encryptions to ensure that it cannot easily be intercepted, misused or pose any risk for the organization.

A security breach can cost a company business disruption leading to extensive financial losses and even lower reputation in the market. The added expense of restoring the network and recovering from the loss can be a setback for many companies. This is why it is important to have a robust SD-WAN security system in place in order to minimize such risks and identify attacks quickly so that they can be curbed without causing massive losses.

Our SD WAN security services include the following:

1. Several features including firewall, anti-virus, IPS and internet activities control

A strong SD-WAN security infrastructure utilizes a wide range of security controls. This is why we carefully measure every aspect of security and apply required controls from the most basic to some very complex controls to reduce security risks. This ensures internet level gateway protection as well as critical assets protection.

2. Real time web portal

You will have access to the web portal that allows you real-time visibility of the traffic and helps you manage the security of your network. You also receive weekly reports for analysis as well as to track the performance of your network.

3. Remote monitoring and management services by experienced professionals

Managing network security always requires providers to be aware of any strange activities on the network. This is why the SD-WAN networks are monitored round-the-clock by experienced professionals who watch out for attacks to the network and any kind of strange activity which may suggest the initial stages of an attack. By identifying problems right at the beginning, we can reduce the extent of security breaches and help fortify the network.

4. Round-the-clock customer support

In addition to monitoring the network at all times, we also provide our clients with 24x7 customer support to make sure that they can reach out to us at any time with questions, queries or concerns related to the security services. Based on the type of security services you use, you may even have on-site support from experienced professionals.

5. Flexible payments with no Capital investment

Our services are rendered at competitive rates with no capital investments. Our payment terms are flexible, allowing companies to opt for monthly payments and to upgrade their services as per the scalability of their business.

SD-WAN security has become of great importance because in recent years SD-WAN has gained traction in organizations that are compelled to embrace digital transformations to stay competitive and offer quality end-user experiences. We offer superior security services which aim to improve business efficiency and reduce risks of network security which can cause business disruption.

As the openness of the Internet, complexities of modern businesses and the heightened interconnectivity between internal and external environment that create widespread risks for hacks, threats and vulnerabilities by sources both outside and inside a company.

Many enterprises are applying firewalls and private network as their first line defense against malicious traffic, which could merely maintain minimal protection against known threats whilst leaving the network unprotected for emerging unintended threats from insiders.

To ensure a full protection to organizations’ information security, CITIC Telecom CPC’s TrustCSI™ UTM provides enterprises a hassle-free first line network defense solution that requires for no CAPEX investment and comprehensive technical support.

Holistic approach for corporate network Highlights Related Products

Holistic approach for corporate network

  1. MPLS Level Cross-site Infection Protection with user authentication feature
  2. Internet Level Gateway Protection
  3. Critical Assets Protection
  4. Virtualized Security Gateway on SmartCLOUD™
  5. Flexible private network deployment to secure remote access
  6. Advanced Threat Detection against APT
  • Fully managed solution by security experts with 24 x 7 real-time monitoring, on-site support and hotline services, aggregated email alert and SIEM log correlation platform
  • All-in-one features including firewall, anti-virus, IPS and Internet activities control
  • End-user real-time web portal and provision of weekly report
  • Optional TrustCSI™ UTM NFV offers 99.99% service availability with single virtual appliance supported by SmartCLOUD™ Infrastructure
  • Optional TrustCSI™ Managed YourDevice Service offers remote monitoring and management services by our certified professionals to customer-provided network security devices
  • Flexible monthly payment and upgrade, scalable to business security needs
  • Device configuration management, backup and advance hardware swapping services
  • Optional features including IPSec private network and SSL private network
  • Optional TrustCSI™ UTM NFV, software based virtual appliance, designs for SmartCLOUD™ customers to shorten service provisioning lead-time comparing with traditional hardware based UTM
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