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Object Storage – Redefining the Value of Data

Owing to the increasing usage of digital applications, there is an explosive growth of demand for enterprises to store static and unstructured data, such as emails, videos, and images. Object storage, which excels at storing contents without a bound, thereby serves as a magic bullet to optimize the management of these significant digital assets.

Coping with pervasive data deluge in this digital era, every industry is encountering challenges relating to unstructured data management. For instance, architecture firms have a strong need to properly store and analyze massive unstructured data that is expanding rapidly and unstoppably. More and more Internet of Things (IoTs) are used in the built environment, such as thermostats and refrigerators, are transmitting the data that they have collected. Taking advantage of the scalability of object storage, it enables enterprise to launch a centralized repository to collect and store crucial data at small and grow to an exabyte of storage capacity without interruption. By combining big data and the latest technologies, data-driven designs can be realized, which will transform the architecture industry.

The accounting and law firms process tons of highly confidential information, such as client records and email communications, which needs ultra-secure storage solutions. The firms are liable if their cybersecurity measures are found to be insufficient, even if no data breach has occurred. As object storage has built-in security feature, including the ability to make data immutable for extra protection against ransomware attacks. In addition, object storage systems can ensure the data stored is encrypted no matter at rest or in transit, which can remarkably help the accounting and law firms protect their important data.

We understand the enterprises may be frustrated in selecting appropriate object storage service provider. To help enterprises better understand the object storage solutions and how they should organize their huge amount of unstructured data, we organized a webinar in March 2021 to share the benefits of deploying object storage solutions. In the webinar, our experts elaborated on how our SmartCLOUDTM Object Storage manages unstructured data effectively and different business applications of object storage solutions.

Further information of our object storage services can be found at SmartCLOUDTM Object Storage Solutions. Please feel free to contact our consultants at any time for a free consultation. We are excited to share more information with you!

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