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Industry Challenges

Multiple technological challenges face the retail industry, which is usually a major target for cybersecurity attackers. The 2016 Global Security Report indicated that “the retail industry once again accounted for the largest single share of data breach and cyberattack incidents investigated”. Industry trends to better leverage online channels, such as Online-to-Offline (O2O) promotions and the expansion of physical stores with e-commerce options, are driving retailers to adopt cloud platforms and connect more business systems through the Internet. Mobile device use has also increased, as businesses cater to customers with smartphones and other handhelds, while improving sales staff productivity with mobile POS and other innovative tools. IT complexity in a retail environment, combined with enormous transactional volumes that include credit card information and other customer data, translates into major challenges to properly protect and support varied infrastructure, while ensuring systems operate smoothly and responsively in order to be able to handle massive network activity. A further complication is the wide distribution of points of presence, including national and global retail locations and business support offices and facilities.

How CITIC Telecom CPC can help

CITIC Telecom CPC’s TrustCSI™ Managed Security Services is an optimal solution for protecting the extensive digital assets of retail enterprises, including financial transactions and customer data. Using world-class security technology and being complemented by CITIC Telecom CPC’s world-class Security Operations Centres (SOCs), TrustCSI™ provides sophisticated 24/7 security monitoring and protection to thwart cyberattacks targeting retailers. Since it is a managed solution, TrustCSI™ frees up retailers to focus on their core businesses.

For added mobility, SmartCLOUD™ DaaS is a cloud-based Desktop-as-a-Service solution that allows retail staff to work seamlessly and securely anywhere, anytime, on any device. SmartCLOUD™ DaaS can also simplify workstation and device deployment and management across numerous retail locations.

To solve the IT complexity crisis that can burden retail enterprises, CITIC Telecom CPC’s unified online service portal ManagedCONNECT™ consolidates a wide variety of IT services in order to offer visibility on the status of multiple technology areas, simplifying administration and allowing retailers to manage multiple CPC products from a single, convenient, user-friendly interface, optimizing time and maximizing productivity.

Specific products to suit your needs


Cloud Computing (Compute)


Managed Security Services (MSS)


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Managed Portal

Services Management Portal (ManagedCONNECT)

Success Stories More


G2000 deploys CITIC Telecom CPC's Managed Security Services to safeguard the customers data.

China Motor

China Motor is employing SmartCLOUD™, taking advantage of the platform’s dense network and ubiquitous bandwidth in the Greater China Region. The firm has incorporated its ERP system into 40 branch offices in the Greater China Region, establishing a foundation to develop the new market, while enhancing management efficiency and reducing HR costs.

AURORA Group (Chinese version only)

SmartCLOUD™雲端服務不僅效能領先,在SLA、安全性等項目中,具有優異的品質,加上台灣擁有完整的專業技術團隊,能夠為客戶即時解決各種問題,成為震旦集團發展雲端事業不可 或缺的合作夥伴。

Airmate Electrical (Chinese version only)

Airmate Electrical deploys TrueCONNECT™ MPLS VPN services to facilitate a highly available and reliable communications channel with the world...

Prior Company Limited

Prior Company Limited creates high-quality communications environment for enterprises successfully. TrueCONNECT™ can help to facilitate smooth communications between both sides of the straits, grasp customers’ and suppliers’ updates rapidly, and response to the market needs precisely... (Chinese only)


Newegg.com pursues business expansion in Greater China. TrueCONNECT™ connects the whole world together, providing comprehensive support for e-commence leader's expansion…


Charmant poised to benefit from China's WTO accession, using CITIC Telecom CPC's TrueCONNECT™ to explore the Greater China market…

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