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Fully Managing and Supporting Your IT Operation on SmartCLOUD™

Cloud Service Provider

Fully Managing and Supporting Your IT Operation on SmartCLOUD™, the Cloud Provider and the Cloud Service Provider Services

CITIC Telecom CPC SmartCLOUD™ is known as the line of enterprise-class cloud computing technologies as well as cloud service provider for building up and making use of private, hybrid and public clouds. SmartCLOUD™offerings can be easily purchased as a managed services or self-service. Cloud provider offers various types of service to a person for their data storing.

Cloud providers are usually organizations which provide some type of IT infrastructure which can be commercially distributed and sourced across various subscribers – usually businesses. Cloud providers provide various cloud solutions on-demand to a person and, pay-as-you-go systems as a service to the customers as well as end users. Cloud service provider users access various cloud resources through programmatic, and Internet access and are only billed for the resources as well as services according to a subscribed billing method of a person.

The solutions offered by the cloud provider depend on the business model of a person such as:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS):

The IaaS model is the cloud service provider which delivers various infrastructure components which would exist in an on-premises data center. These components consist of servers networking and storage as well as the virtualization layer, which the IaaS provider hosts in their own data center. Cloud provider usually complement their IaaS products with services such as monitoring, load balancing, security, and storage resiliency.

Software as a service (SaaS):

SaaS usually promotes a wide arrangement of various business technologies, such as customer relationship management (CRM), productivity suites, software as well as human resources management (HRM) software, all of which the SaaS promoters hosts and provides on the internet. Various traditional software promoters sell cloud-based options of software products of cloud provider.

Platform as a service (PaaS):

This is known as the third type of cloud service provider, PaaS promoters, provides cloud infrastructure as well as services that users can approach to perform several functions. PaaS products are generally used in software development. PaaS providers add more of the application stack when compared to IaaS cloud provider, such as operating systems and middleware, to the inherited infrastructure.

A cloud service provider can also be classified into various categories for the usage of people such as:

•Public Cloud Provider

•Private Cloud Provider

•Hybrid Cloud Provider

•Community Cloud Provider

Common characteristics and services of Cloud Service provider

The cloud service providers provide various offers available on-demand, and the self-provisioning purchase of cloud. In addition, a user can also choose to pay for various cloud-based services on a subscription basis.

Some of the cloud service providers should differentiate themselves by trading their giving to various vertical market needs. The cloud-based services can consider delivering industry-specific functionality and helping users to meet various regulatory requirements. There are several healthcare cloud products that allow healthcare providers to store back up and maintain their personal health information. All these services of the cloud provider helps a person to store any type of information with a proper backup as well.

How can a person examine a cloud service provider?

There is a list of items can be considered while choosing a perfect cloud service provider for public use. The cost of the cloud provider services are commonly based on the utility model for prior-use. Hence there can be no. of variations which can also be considered. The server’s physical location can also be considered as the major factor for sensitive data to store and transfer from one cloud to another.

The cloud service provider can turn into a great advantage for business to store various types of information, no matter it is sensitive or non-sensitive.

Nobody knows SmartCLOUD™ better than we do. Why don’t get CITIC Telecom CPC’s professionals help you leverage its full power and potential, with a full team of certified experts to address even your most complex cloud requirements?

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service supports businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. We help customers plan and design best fit solutions to address their unique business requirements, and work directly with customers from project implementation to ongoing IT support, reducing their time to manage different vendors and project risks, and saving even more! CITIC Telecom CPC’s experts handle details across the cloud, operating systems (OS) and applications, so you stay focused on your business.

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service Life Cycle Highlights

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service Life Cycle
  1. Our cloud specialists listen to your challenges and goals, understand your business requirements, and provide specialist advice with solutions that best-fit your business needs and plans.
  2. Professional services team will work along with you to create a customized solution, from initial paper sketch to final operational implementation including applications. We minimize business disruption, completing deployment in a timely manner by using best practices.
  3. Enjoy peace of mind with 7x24 monitoring and support from our pan-regional SmartCLOUD™ Service Centers. We provide proactive alerts and advice for immediate corrective actions to safeguard your business and get you ready for future IT enhancement.

  • Consultative approach to design and deploy your own solution from cloud, to OS and to application, ensuring that your requirements are fully addressed
  • Professional consultation on system configuration, troubleshooting and other technical assistance and recommendations
  • 24x7 service monitoring and ongoing support of your IT operations with 24x7 proactive alerts via email and telephone
  • Premium support level backed by Engineers & Support teams who are 100% certified with international cloud, security and system management programs to ensure business availability
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