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CITIC Telecom CPC stands in the customer's position: listen; think, and deliver "REAL" solution to customer's "ACTUAL" need!
Serving customer excellence is not our job; but OUR WAY OF LIFE!"

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Customer Sportlight
China Motor

China Motor is employing SmartCLOUD™, taking advantage of the platform’s dense network and ubiquitous bandwidth in the Greater China Region. The firm has incorporated its ERP system into 40 branch offices in the Greater China Region, establishing a foundation to develop the new market...


Reliable Cloud Service Helps Achieve High Cost Efficiency and Boost Business Development
Ryerson China migrates application servers to CITIC Telecom CPC’s SmartCLOUD™


Taiwan Acceptance Corporation
A subsidiary of the Yulon Group, TAC is an Automotive Financial Services company primarily offering installment loans and vehicle leasing. TAC entered the China market in 2004, and by 2014 launched TAC Financial Services (TACFS) in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province to...

Teraoka Weigh-System Boosts Business Application Performance and IT Team Productivity with SmartCLOUD™