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SmartCLOUD™ M@il
SmartCLOUD™ M@il


End-Point Backup Service

Maximum Security, Flexibility and Configurability for Complete End-point Data Backup

Traditional backup methods (using DVDs, tapes, etc.) are cumbersome and tedious. Yet to ensure adequate protection of important documents and mission critical enterprise information, this crucial task must not be overlooked.

With SmartCLOUD™ EPS, enterprises can enjoy a smart and seamless way to achieve better business continuity and industry compliance, a highly flexible and reliable backup solution for all end-point PCs and laptops, on- or off-site. Built-in 2-layer data protection ensures maximum security during transmission. The fine-grained configuration options for policies and end-user storage requirements mean maximum autonomy and excellent fit organizational needs.

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A fully-managed cloud-based end-user desktop and laptop backup solution with High Reliability, Flexibility, Data Integrity and Optimization


  • Centralized self-service online administration portal for simple and convenient user management
  • Easy integration with existing enterprise network infrastructure, including the Internet and MPLS VPN
  • In-File Delta technology minimizes backup time and storage space
  • Intrinsic dual-layer protection on network data transmission security
  • Individualized encryption keys for maximum backup security protection
  • Up to 99.999% service reliability

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