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Superior High Availability Internet Connectivity Solutions

To Assure Your Business Is Always Connected

AlwaysCONNECT is a comprehensive and highly reliable network traffic management solution suite with dual-access feature, assures your enterprises with complete network availability and scalability.

AlwaysCONNECT is ideal for enterprises using business critical applications, e.g. e-commerce applications. It is also perfect for enterprises using internet tools that require consistent, highly available, high-speed as well as efficient bandwidth to optimize all internet traffic usage.

The AlwaysCONNECT suite comes in two models to serve different customers’ needs:

1. Load Sharing Model 2. Hot Standby Model

  • High Availiability of 24-hour Internet access
  • Fault tolerance and redundancy
  • Using BGP / HSRP in PE / CE Router level
  • Serve with different local loop providers
  • Fully minimize single point of failure
  • Load sharing with best effort
  • Different designs to fit specific network topology and costing

AlwaysCONNECT PLUS Highlights

  • CPE base “load-balancer” with HA functionality
  • Multiple WAN links redundancy
  • Serve with multiple ISP
  • Support load balancing
  • NO CAPEX, LOW monthly fee
  • Easy to deploy