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24x7 Fully Support Enterprises on Pandemic Control and Business Continuity

The “Work-from-home” special work arrangement has been widely adopted by the enterprises during the pandemic. The new normal not only effectively controls the outbreak and maintains social distancing, but also benefits both employees and employers. For employees, working from home can protect their health and eliminate home-to-work travel time, so that they can flexibly allocate time between work and family to improve work efficiency and satisfaction. For employers, the arrangement is an effective way to keep their business running and at the same time mitigate business risks, allowing them to survive the pandemic.

However, the unexpected outbreak came too fast that many enterprises might not have made sufficient preparations before implementing the special work arrangement. Most of them inevitably encountered difficulties and challenges, especially the technical issues.

Remote Working in anEfficient and Secure Way

Indeed, we have received some urgent requests from customers during the critical time. One of them is CITIC TMT Co., Ltd. (CITIC TMT), which experienced the same challenge of implementing work-from-home at the beginning of the outbreak. CITIC TMT is a media network company based in Beijing, China. As a resource integration and fusion innovation platform in technology media communication, it operates businesses such as cable TV, smart city, convergence media, the Internet and TV media information service, as well as satellite transponder renting. All these place high demands on network connectivity and information security.

To prevent and control COVID-19, the Chinese government has implemented strict anti-coronavirus measures, which has received the support of many enterprises in China. CITIC TMT was one of the supporting companies that arranged most of its employees to work from home to maintain business operations in order to meet the increasing demand of media usage. However, due to insufficient preparation time, not all employees were able to remotely access internal network which kept them away from the latest news of the group. Some of them even failed to submit business-critical or financial documents to internal systems, which severely affected work efficiency.

Once they realized the issue, they reached us for an instant technical support and assistance. Our professional team stands by at all time to provide 24x7 customer service support. After receiving the request, the team immediately provided technical support to the customer and a free trial of the remote access solutions for 2 months. It only took 24 hours from implementation to completion. All employees well received the remote access accounts and were able to remotely access the internal network from home in a highly secure manner.

Customer Always Comes First. We Serve with Profession.

As the trusted ICT solutions partner, our professional team always stays with our customers and provide them with professional, secure, stable and high-quality ICT solutions. With our professionalism, enthusiasm and determination to protect all businesses round-the-clock, we promptly solved the challenges faced by CITIC TMT and allowed all their employees to work remotely from home without any interruption. The team received overwhelming recognition from the customer.

If you would like to know more about our products and services, please click here.

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