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Challenges and Opportunities from COVID-19 Crisis

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization (WHO). The pandemic has now shifted to Europe and the Americas. Companies in the globe are facing significant challenges and need to respond rapidly.

Coronavirus Compounds the Uncertainties for Businesses

One of the main impacts is that many businesses are forced to stop operations in order to prevent the community spread, including the logistics industry. It derived severe damages on the entire supply chain, which has been demonstrated by the collapse of China’s Purchasing Managers Indexes (PMI). Even if the factories are going to resume the production, they still need to wait for the logistics company to handle tons of pending parcels in the warehouse. After this crisis, it is likely to change the way companies configure their supply chains and reinforce the trend away from dependence on few mega-factories.

In the meantime, many companies have implemented remote office arrangement to minimize the risk of outbreak. However, when the corporate infrastructure is insufficient to handle or arrange the flexible work arrangements, remote office becomes unrealistic. Undoubtedly, a stable and fast network is the prerequisite for companies to implement the special arrangements. Not only must the equipment such as laptops and software to support remote office be in place, but companies also need to ensure that their networks are secure and have sufficient bandwidth to enable employees to access internal network without any interruption.

During the outbreak, CITIC Telecom CPC offers reliable and secure remote office solutions to empower every business in the globe to combat COVID-19 with technologies. With cloud desktop – Desktop-as-a-Service, DaaS and remote access - IPSec VPN and SSL VPN, companies can enable their employees to securely and stably connect to the critical systems through their smart devices, and maintain strong collaboration while working from home.

Unstoppable 5G Deployment

The Chinese Government has put 5G technology on top of the infrastructure investment. China officially started commercializing the fifth-generation mobile telecommunications technology services in October 2019. Over 130,000 5G base stations had been built nationwide by the end of 2019. Although the COVID-19 caused a serious impact on the economy, the construction of 5G infrastructure maintains its pace in Mainland China.

Comparing with 4G network, the 5G network provides an extraordinary 20x faster speed to connect to the Internet with higher capacity, shorter latency, fewer energy consumption and greater system efficiency, thus empowering lots of innovative applications, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices. 5G has the biggest impact on the industrial and commercial IoT. It allows retailers and factories to deploy more IT applications such as integrating smart machines or robots to boost the productivity or create immersive environment in the retail shops by AR and VR.

The Coronavirus outbreak has not prevented the development of 5G technology. Instead, it gives each country an extra motivation to sustain economic growth and maintain its competitiveness.

Unexpected Growth during the Hard Time

E-commerce has become a “HERO” that addresses our daily needs during the Coronavirus. People are now more willing to place orders on e-commerce sites. With 5G mobile networks, e-commerce will get into another phase, providing a new online shopping experience, because people are no longer limited by bandwidth and can purchase the goods they want instantly. From the operation perspective, e-commerce companies should ensure their networks are robust and stable enough to afford the high traffic without any security issue. Otherwise, they will not benefit from the high demand for online shopping, but will lose their valuable reputation.

COVID-19 does bring us lots of challenges, but it also brings unlimited opportunities for companies to evolve! To stay competitive during the crisis, businesses are recommended to leverage the power of technology and transform themselves to embrace the changes.

As your trusted ICT solution partner, CITIC Telecom CPC provides a series of innovative flagship solutions to empower every business to obtain a secure remote access, backup critical data, promptly recover from disasters, and undergo business continuity planning, which effectively reduce the losses caused by the uncertainty of Coronavirus outbreaks.

Contact our ICT consultants now for an anti-disease handy kit!

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