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DataHOUSE™ Tallinn

CITIC Telecom CPC DataHouse@Tallinn is strategically located in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn which is a technical hub in the Baltics and a digital gateway for enterprises to the Nordic region and fast connectivity to the East. Foreign investment in Estonia continues to flourish given the business advantages of an advanced e-enabled society including e- residency and access to a tech-savvy workforce. Our data center with local support, and 99.9% SLA will enable you to focus on your business while we manage your critical IT systems, providing a solid foundation for your digital transformation journey.

Our Datacenter in Tallinn is supported by world-class infrastructure and extensive coverage including 140+ network PoP’s; 18+ cloud operation centers and 30+ Cloud Data Center across 130 countries. One of the largest Internet exchange TLLIX is managed by us in our Tallinn datacenter.

DataHouse@Tallinn is not limited to providing the traditional peering service, facility management, hosting and colocation services, it provides the foundations of a digital business, helping enterprises to accelerate their global digital transformation journey with high-speed, secure, low-latency communication among enterprise assets, cloud resources, and integrated ICT solutions.

Our Datacenters are supported by CITIC Telecom CPC’s private network backbone for carrier-class performance, enabling seamless access to other data centers worldwide. These data centers will help to create a nationwide operation network, complementing 30+ Data Centers already in place across the world. Enterprises will be able to avail world-class data center services, true disaster recovery capability, cross-regional cloud service deployment in minimal time and benefit from high cost-effectiveness.

Connectivity Tallinn data center at a glance Advanced Network Solutions and Infrastructure equipment


With CITIC telecom CPC you have an opportunity to connect to the world. Tallinn Internet exchange and cloud services are connected to the datacenters. The data center is located on the prime fiber network routes from international carriers and backbones in Eastern Europe. In our datacenter, we have two divers fiber entry route.

Data Center location

CITIC Telecom CPC data center just 15 min drive (7.3 KM) from Tallinn airport

Data center facility

Tallinn data center facility is designed based on the tier II standard, 2N redundancy on all critical systems, providing extremely high levels of service readiness. We are conscious of our environment & have initiatives to protect the environment. We use eco-friendly agents as a fire suppressant (INERGEN or FM200) in our facility. Current PUE ratings for our data centers is 1.75.

Tallinn data center at a glance
  • 600 m2 facility
  • Modular and redundant setup
  • Local technical staff available
  • Classification ISO 27001; ISO 9001
  • Current power load 350 kW
  • Backup power UPS & Diesel generator
  • Cooling Capacity 400kW, utilization N+1 and design
  • Hot/Cold aisles with closed hot aisle
  • CRAH units: Emerson / Denco / Tecnair / Uniflair / York
Advanced Network Solutions and Infrastructure equipment

Carrier neutral Tallinn data center offers a turnkey solution for your business requirement. Telecommunication, Datacenter & Information technology is part of our suite. Our key solutions are Co-location, Managed Hosting, Dedicated server, Direct Internet Access (DIA), Virtual Private Network (MPLS/L2 VPN), Cloud Computing (IAAS) and professional services. We have business contingency & continuity plan in place to protect your business in the event of a disaster.

We adhere to international standards for data centers and have excellent connectivity, resilient power, and cooling systems. We are compliant with all regulations for datacenter safety and security.


Servers and applications are vital for any business. We ensure high standard (ISO 27001 and ISO9001) security services for your IT assets in our datacenter. While physical, administrative and technical controls in our datacenter is to keep your assets safe. The dedicated and shared firewalls, network and host-based intrusion, prevention, anti-virus software and secure encrypted VPNs, are orchestrating together to secure your data.

Transparent Business

CITIC Telecom CPC is a transparent company that complies with international and US accounting standards for information disclosure. Providing applicable supporting documentation upon request, we enable our customers to be compliant with international regulations. Our Company is registered and fully licensed to provide data center and connectivity solutions in every country where we have a presence.

Back–up and Redundant Main/ Grid Power Supply

The data center has an independent power connections, and total power per facility is up to 1.3MW back – up power supply includes redundant UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems in 2N configuration. Constant power supply to the equipment’s outage UPS is equipped with batteries that provide power in case of main or back-up power interruption.

For an unforeseen situation such as unavailability of power supply for longer period, diesel generator can independently supply power to the data center and have sufficient power to fully support a flawless operation of our data center facilities for an unlimited time period.

Carrier Neutral Redundant Connectivity

Carrier equipment’s located in our facilities are ensured with superior international, regional and local connectivity based on fiber technology. We offer a wide range of data services and redundant connections to main PoPs in our data center facilities which ensure an uninterrupted connection with the network.

Fire Safety

Data centers are a vital element for IT infrastructure that needs special fire safety tactics. We have ensured that we have an excellent system in place for fire detection and prevention.

a. VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) which makes use of aspiration technology and constantly monitors the state of the air.

b. Advanced fire- detection system which can activate the fire suppression system automatically if required.

c. The locally automated system the fire detection –the system is integrated into the local fire brigade to ensure proper follow-up and full protection for co-located customers IT assets in case of fire.

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